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My name is Nigel, Are you ready? Jason hammers right over there. Can we get right into it? Let's like that candle Vaccines stuff. Yeah. Pharmacy. Yeah, that's a body inside affair. Needles, Vaccine stuff, Everybody. So Grandpa Biden. He's gonna waddle out there later this week and do what's being called a major address, So we can probably expect that around 4 30 in the afternoon when he's still awake, Great during our so To go over the next phase of his pandemic response. Likely talking about booster shots night? Yeah, let's looking like they're going to be approved later this month towards the end of September. Um, you have places like Israel. They're already working on like their fourth booster shot. Over there. Who knows what the hell is going on over there in Israel, Even vaccinated. People are getting sick and go into the hospital, And so they're working on their fourth over there. There's some other countries that aren't quite sure on the third booster shot yet definitely countries like the UK Who? I reason I'd rather this don't let yeah. Kids 18 years of age or younger. Get any sort of covid 19 vaccine according to Science and the research and health officials in the U K. Yeah. They're not living there. And now we're talking about getting five year olds vaccinated in this country. That's something to keep an eye on. But yeah, I would say by and large, his promise to, um eradicate the Covid 19 virus didn't come to fruition. So if you're the Biden administration, right, you're probably rushing to get the speech out there Anything to change the narrative away from the jobs report Afghanistan and what's happening at the border. Three big areas, right? You look at the triangle there. Where he stinks at all of them. The one thing that the administration feels like they can probably do without being laughed at by some is go out there and talk about ways to be safe with Covid. So this quote unquote major address. Make your bets. What time of the day do you think it's going to be? I got 4:30 P.m.. Let's see napkins at about 1 30 ice cream truck in the Rose Garden. Three, um, soup at four. And then you have probably 4 30. Okay, if I worked that out of my head because Matt Locke comes on at six, and he's not going to miss Matt Locke. Uh, as a matter of fact, we pulled some strings here at the hammer and Nigel show and we've acquired Joe Biden practicing the speech. Would you like to hear it? Okay. We've lost so much over the last year. I've lost my Johnson. So expect that and a little bit more. You hooked me sometime this week. I thought we were actually gonna get impressed. I've lost my Johnson. I don't know why I fell for that every time. That's one of my favorite Johnson. Oh, my favorite clips from Joe Biden. Okay? A South Miami doctor has announced plans to stop treating unvaccinated patients. Oh, that's awful. Doctor, Linda Martini says she made the decision and effort to keep her staff and vaccinated patients safe from the Delta variant quote. I understand that people are free to choose, But to me, it's a problem when it affects other people. Yeah, I mean, she should have her medical license revoked, refusing to treat a patient. For any reason whatsoever, right? Oh, yeah. Don't come to the doctor's office when you get liver cancer from drinking too much. Don't go to the hospital when you get emphysema from smoking, because you know what? You're a smoker, and you've got lung cancer. You got emphysema and second hand smoke kills 40,000 people a year in this country. Let alone half a million smokers. This is the reason why he had that poll online, you know, as a joke poll that we did for hammering Nigel Twitter. If you Nigel Rob someone's house and the homeowner shoot you in the crane, But you've been vaccinated. Should you get a bed before somebody who's just sick but unvaccinated they take you to the hospital. If they think the hospital it's full, and you're out there with a bleeding crank because you broke the law and homeowner shot you. After breaking into his house, But she had another guy in there who needs a hospital bed or needs a ventilator. Who do you give it to? Well, I know you are breaking the law and you had every intention of raping the wife and killing the Children. But you're you're vaccinated. We got a bed for you. Come on over. We'll take care of your crank. Excuse me, sir. That guy in the corner that that unvaccinated guy, he just needs to see somebody quickly. He needs some Ivor Mactan. Uh, can we just get to get to get some brothers? Some hydroxychloroquine? No, no, the guy that the vaccinated guy goes first. So this story about the Rutgers student? This can't be real and I've seen this a multiple places here in j dot com New jersey dot com, which is the paper of record in New Jersey. That's where Rutgers is located. This is the headline An unvaccinated Rutger student claims he's been barred. From doing remote courses at the university. What there's a student. His name is Logan Holler. He's 22 years old. He lives 70 miles from the campus at Rutgers, and every one of his classes he takes is an online class. But Rutgers has demanded that all of their students be vaccinated. So this student who didn't want to get vaccinated is now going to have to transfer because he can't take an online class 70 miles away from the campus. Young, healthy dude who is doing all the right things and not putting people in jeopardy by going to campus and doing all the classes online still gets punished. It makes no sense whatsoever. And there is no science involved. And you know you can make a case for a lawsuit easily here, I think, and I hope they see the Just the bejesus out of Rutgers. So where's the science here, Bankrupt them. Keep the unvaccinated guy that's doing all online 100% out of class. I locked out of his email because he's not back, said it doesn't make any sense. There's no science. He can't access his email. He can't access the syllabus do any of his work. Because he lives alone by himself in an apartment 70 miles from campus, But he's unvaccinated the new cancel culture right here. This is how you get canceled. You don't go along with a certain type of narrative. You don't Give in to demands that you, uh, put a you know a personal medical procedure. That's your choice that you don't want to consent to then canceled. This is it. Welcome to 2021. Who is he at risk of infecting working 70 miles from the campus alone in his apartment. Who is he going to give the Rhona to his cat? Or we concerned about his cat? Maybe he's got a dog. I don't know, but this is ridiculous. You know they they were very concerned at the beginning last year. I mean, it's the Tigers at the Bronx Zoo. We're getting tested for Covid before human beings were Remember that? Oh, yeah, A couple of tigers got tested. I mean, there were people waiting and mile long lines back there is testing wasn't readily available. But boy, those tigers at the Bronx Zoo got to the After the very front on Twitter from at not Kenny Rogers, Banning an unvaccinated student from attending college online seems like the perfect way to convince people that this has absolutely positively nothing to do with science. Absolutely,.

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