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Kevin lines at eight hundred three three three five one five seven and you know what the interest rate is on when you got your long telling those two things and he or one of those wonderful people at anchor finding will tell you how much they can say there's always two that you can save and you know for example if you have credit card debt you can pull some equity in your home and pay off that debt at interest rate that's a fraction of what you're paying now that can now result in a hundred all savings as well or combine the two yeah this is a great opportunity don't let it go by because the rates to go back up we don't know what's going on in the economy right now so why take a chance ready here's a number again eight hundred three three three five one five seven or anchor funding dot net or just tell your phone phone I want to save your phone goes okay well yeah just a phone get me anchor finding do it today anger funding Adam again should head ceci be destroyed restored to its natural beauty and where would we get our water is anybody thinking about the future join me tonight as we talk about it on the John Rothman program at six o'clock on KGO it of course the Lexus golden opportunity sales event is about exceptional offers but it's also about the luxury of versatility and the freedom of a summer day coming together for you at the perfect moment for twenty nineteen and it's three hundred all wheel drive for three six in a month for thirty six months with twenty nine ninety nine suicide it's amazing Washington every Lexus dealer call one eight hundred USA Lexus for not all customers will qualify offer valid in the Lexus eastern every only and in September third twenty ninety if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business meet Evan Goldberg founder of next week I had to learn that the hard way with my first company that's why I started net sweet I needed to see everything that was going on with my.

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