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If i had to in week one i would start him as a number three receiver. Jamie dave says about forty two forty three wide receivers. He be comfortable with as a week. One starter how about you as a throws around there you know i. I think i'm fine with mike williams of familiar more and find with arnold mooney on fine with michael pittman now and he's a little bit lower but i think his outlook changes with healthy carson wentz. So yeah it in three receiver league. It's it's there. There's going to be plenty of guys you can rotate through there. If you draft four guys in the top forty depending on the rank you look at so it's it it changes in a we'll We'll get to that in a second. How about you man. I dunno i thirty eight and stop it la- viscous chenault thirty eight But there's guys that i have ranked ahead of him that i don't want to start week. What i'm just hopeful for what they're going to be so i think i'm a little bit less On the white. I in a three receiver league. That's full pr. I think the bar is pretty high for who i want to start and so i don't feel like it's quite as deep. Okay all right so we'll talk more about that in a moment we'll talk about how the strategies change in to receiver leagues three receiver leagues non pr and remember. This is a two part preview. So part one is a little bit more of an overview of the position and we will get to adp. I'm thinking probably the first two and a half rounds maybe up to uptown robinson or so although cd lambs going right after alan robertson cd lamb is wide receiver. Twelve in full pbr. According to rose. And i believe he's thirty. Four th overall. How many rocket ships is that jamie and yeah. We'll we'll talk a little bit about. Adp but tomorrow will be the full adp show so the podcast league. Dave jamie heath. we have to figure out when we want to do the podcast league. I meant to ask you this before the show. But i was too busy working on my intro so i dunno jabe like what's the last tuesday. We usually do the last game of the draft. Anybody you give me the date or the week the day do you remember it. What is it. I will tell you right now. Is that it on. What have you done with our host. Yes i knew it. The last tuesday of august august thirty first wad sorry. You can do that day or the monday before. August thirty first. We're going to stick with that my son's birthday. Oh that's great so you're gonna pull heath away from his son's birthday sit like nine. O'clock at night for your. Yeah so what do you wanna do. You wanna do. You wanna do the himmelfarb. He's strong thirtieth tease. I choose the thirtieth. I get a vote. Is that okay jamie. Yeah i. I was giving you the day that i was going to write. The story on the podcast..

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