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New information being released regarding the Columbus police officer who claims he shot and killed a woman in self defense after she stabbed him, Andrew Mitchell. A thirty year veteran of the Columbus. Police department killed suspected prostitute Dana Donna castleberry in the back of his police vehicle on August twenty third. According to police reports Mitchell owns an estimated fifteen properties around the city with a history of continual disturbances for drug and domestic disputes information was released the same day, the castleberry family held a peaceful protest outside city hall demanding Justice. There will be no vote Thursday on the Senate Judiciary committee following a sexual assault allegation against judge. Brad Kavanagh the nominee and his accuser will now answer questions about alleged sexual assault that took place in the hundred eighty s ABC's. Lana Zak is following it from the Senate, the Senate Judiciary committee is reopening. The confirmation hearings of judge Brett Cavanaugh, and now there will be at least one additional witness Dr Christine Ford who has accused the supreme court nominee of tempted rape while they were. Both high school students environmental groups say flooding from hurricane Florence is. Now threatening to spread Hogg wasting coal ash into two main rivers in eastern, North Carolina. I'm aside to hog farms and coal ash ponds. A number of chemical factories landfills along with hazardous waste. Dumps are on or near the Cape fear. News rivers, there are three thousand the goose holding hog waste in the state whether suspension finally over the Ohio State head coach urban Meyer can now talk about what led to that punishment during his weekly press conference smile recalled the first time he'd heard about the allegations against his former wide receivers coach Zac Smith in two thousand fifteen I received gene Smith came up to me on the practice field and told me there was a domestic issue between Zach and Courtney we were both furious furious. I remember getting a hold of Zack and told him if this is domestic violence, you're fired. Immediately Meyer said he went on the advice of law enforcement who did not make an arrest. He the entity could not try and contact Zack's ex wife Courtney since that would be considered tampering. Actor Tom Arnold is filing. A police report over a scuffle he had with producer Mark Burnett. The report here alleges that Burnett committed battery on Arnold at a premium awards charity event in century City, California. The tip comes as Arnold gets ready to debut his TV show. The hunt for the Trump tapes today, he searching for supposedly damaging tapes from President Trump years on the apprentice, which was produced by Burnett. Henry Winkler is the winner of an EMMY for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series in his speech, the TV legend acknowledged it's his first primetime. Emmy heads jet.

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