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Technology that must have been a a challenge them you know um i guess yassin now i've always done sales i've always been relationshipdriven in in what i've done and so i really believe that if you're able to build relationships and if you believe in what you are sowing you can sell anything um i i'm a believer that you don't have to be in one industry um to be successful and sales not regard um i i honestly was not a big fan of the of the financial industry um i was a pupil person i didn't want to be a a money manager i wanna be a people manager so i was honestly moving jobs every three years whether was druid a different financial institution than than a winning got my mba at wake forest university to get out of the business and i ended up going back into the business on the institutional side because i didn't really know any better um and and wasn't happy there and a ended up opening up a restaurant come with my wife when we got married and then of course we had twins and the restaurant industry is pretty tough when you book a home unit so i kind of i hopped around and i spent some time working for a travel publication for a few years in that i went to work or start up in technology and this is a long story brian but i promise of getting to the point here shortly um and anna and the night the last job i took before working at small footprint was a company where it was just the worst fit it just it wasn't a fit and what i figured out at that point when i left that organization i decide i'm going to take some time off and i'm going to figure out what i want to do for my career i don't want to job anymore especially when you're selling you really have to enjoy what you're doing enjoy what you're selling because it is a tough business selling it's tough and i told him when you get he wants to get into i go when you root when you just accept the fact that selling socks allott you'll be fine in you'll do really well at it so i found a i found small footprint i unlike the culture and liquid they were selling i late on the fact that it's.

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