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Do so, meaning Dodger Stadium. Padre Stadium. Cal Expo, These large mass vaccination site and other states are doing something similar opening up MLB Parks Football Stadium State Farm Stadium in Arizona, home of the Cardinals, and, more recently, the 40 Niners as well since I couldn't play in California. That's becoming a 24 7, mass vaccination site in New York. They say that they're going to be going so quickly that they're going to need more vaccine. But in places guys like California, where 2.2 million doses have been delivered. But only 800,000 have been given. They've got plenty dead to give out. It is just now this push of what is taking so long and to get it rolling and get it going into arms. Let's talk about who gets it next as as the shift is happening, Alex Yes, right now and depends on every state. But just looking at California in phase one right now. It is only health care workers and nursing homes. And that's Cruz going out to those locations and its relatively slow that they've got to go out to rural areas and give it out that next will be moving into more of the bigger groups, and that's why they need Dodger Stadium and Petco Park, where the Padres play and Cal Expo Arena in Sacramento that this will be 75 plus of those that agent Plus and then adding in teachers and telecommunication workers and other first responders. And in the next phase of the 65 plus and adding in more workers and then 55 more workers, But we're moving very slowly into that We're not in the any phase is beyond health care workers and nursing homes yet The whole business. Once he's big sites open up that then very quickly. People are going to be told they could go down and get it if the state can get enough vaccine, the other thing is California is now beginning to launch produce P ece on radio and TV convincing people to get it. A lot of people been saying no, I don't want to get it even in the health care industry. And they want that These p ECE say it's been deemed safe that doctors have studied it at the top levels. And it is safe trying to convince people go and get it because it could end this thing sooner and save a lot of lives. A B C's Alex Stone joining us from California. Thank you, Alex. You gotta thanks, guys. 5 39 now in time to check in with Cuomo's builds towards the beacon, plumbing, sports desk surgeries and contracts on the Seahawks to do list two days removed from a 30 20 and FC wild card lost to the Rams. The Seahawks were talking about ways to get better. A number of players will need some bodywork first, including Pro bowl safety Jamal Adams. We gotta keep keep his shoulders healthier and we gotta pump him up getting built up. He's gonna have surgery for labor issue from that happened last week. And one of his fingers fixed. He's got some homework to do. Pete Carroll, saying the Seahawks would love to sign Adams to a long term extension. Carlos Dunlap is well, the coach says. Seattle needs to run the ball more effectively. So teams are not teeing off in sacking Russell Wilson, What have you done for us? Lately? Philadelphia has fired head coach Bellingham native Doug Peterson. Three years ago. He led the Eagles to a Super Bowl triumph Alabama and Ohio State made tonight for the college football playoff crown in Miami offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian in his final tied game. Then he becomes head coach in Texas and Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey, has dropped as the site of the 2022 PGA Championship. The organization making the call after violence that the U. S. Capitol sports attended 40 after the hour Bill Swerts come on, is coming up on coma, latest on traffic and weather and then preparations for the inauguration just nine days away. Does anybody want breakfast? Guys..

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