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From workhouse connect in. Aj Benza vein. Walk on a leash and play really dirty. Kinky sex tapes is the GUY. Put the COP in the peacock network. Okay Bitch Hey everybody. Aj Benza here. For Fame is bitch. This is your show from March eighteenth. Twenty twenty boy elect a chilling. My Body it's tough to kind of distinguish. Sometimes what you feel especially those of you who live out here in California even New York. It's cold it's cold in California. It's called New York and Chicago and other cities in the winter. But it's cold today. It's raining misty. It's pole and sometimes you wake up. You walk out son. You can't distinguish us. Might just call rainy and windy or my coming down. So that tickle in the back of my throat is that because The red pepper from the pizzas. Buccaneer might come down with the fucking thrown darts show role playing with stuff like that. Want to my doctor today to get some refills on my Medications he's a doctor. Okay but he's not like a real like a real. Gp At this point you know. I gotTA BE HONEST. I really don't have a GP. I actually trust my pharmacist. More when it comes to my health and I to my doctor the greatest pharmacist. Dave is man but the thought is bordering on Dr Vinnie boombats. Now the guy that Rodney dangerfield hand but First thing he says to me when I go in the office today as he goes us. Sorry about the distance keeping from you but You know exactly. We want to hear from your doctor. You know I wanted to hug you walk. And you get the stethoscope. The blood pressure treatment Not THAT IT MATTERS. Because usually they take the stethoscope up over to sweat shirts and I don't know how much they can hear my heart with that kind of material in between the stethoscope but whatever skies seventy four years old he's a big liberal by the way and he's the only one I let talk shit and not stop you know I never. I don't challenge him over over his political leanings or his political strategies. Different things he says we're about to happen. I don't even know where to start four years ago. I said to him trump's GonNa win this thing he said. Now it's impossible The Electoral College alone is impossible for him to win. We know happened. Then he said well you know trump's GONNA go down for this Russian collusion. They got him. They got him. I said there's no Russian collusion he said. Hey Hey Mike Levin hot. He's got a shot. I liked the way sound. He looks good. He's Sharpie he can. He can go head to head with trump. I said doctors asshole. I know a ton of these guys in New York City diamond dozen. Then he said well I'll tell you what shifts got trump. I mean they got him they got him on perjury. This is Think they finally got him where they need them. I said no not gonNA happen. Then he goes he'll Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth. Warren I'd say she's probably going to get the nomination. Yeah I said No. She's not she's like the the Pissy substitute teacher. You'd get. Who gives you D with a smile on her face? You guys have heard me say that. Then he goes it Oh Bernie Bernie. Sanders says some smart things. He's got that army of people behind them. That can really help him win. I said now Biden is GonNa win this all the way. America wants to recover America's want revolution and then today I can't make this up today. He goes to me. Hey I heard Biden might get Elizabeth Warren as as VP. Somebody recently told me she reminds them of a teacher. It gives you D. I said that was me fucking guy. Swear at this point. I hope he tells me. I tested posited positive for corona virus. He's been wrong about everything else. I know his concern. A you know he's got a heart. I don't think doctors lose that. After they they learn the oath and take good care of people for many many years and automated shit all over the guy. He's a good doctor but he's he's playing out the string. He kind of playing out the end of his career by opening up three days. A week you know. It's right now script for pain. Ed's and blood pressure may be bonded with some big to do. He just wants to give you. You're scratching go. That's what he's all about right and I get guys probably put in certain five forty year career so whatever the fuck. He's gotTa do. He's doing so after being in that office while you know you sitting down. I don't pick up the magazines. I don't WanNa read you know architectural digest in all the Shit so stick to my phone but still even the officer pressed the button. It's a medical building. Everything you touch you know even the guy who takes your money in the underground garage. He's been handling. People should all day. You just felt like I really needed some hand sanitizer and I don't have any in the car so I got on the pharmacy downstairs member. That lady told you about a few weeks ago. The Asian pharmacist. She owns the place. She has a problem with Making CHANGE DRAW. She also has a pro. She's always dropped change on the counter. You know you you buy some. You're you do. Forty five cents changed. She won't hand it to you. She puts it on the counter. And then you gotta you gotTa pull it towards your other open palm like you're trying to clean up crumbs from the kitchen table. I hate that and the Chinese have always been like that all Asians either way back. When I lived in New York there was a bunch of Asian people who ran like new stance and they will ran gloves way back then the nineties and some of them would not even put a quarter in your pocket. Hold Your Palm Upright. And they've been like wave your hands away and they drop it on the counter. They wouldn't touch. Say you wonder. Why Get mad these people? It's like fuck you. I don't want your germs. Don't tell me you might. I'm clean anyhow so I go to the lady and I walk in. I go looking for some pure L. E. Got in the shortage because now. I got I have I have. She turns and grabs a tube and she goes. Hey you go I said Oh good because ten ten dollars what fucking bullshit you know what? Ten dollars was getting a a small tube of toothpaste for ten bucks and I already asked for it and I really wanted it otherwise. Go Fuck yourself by Sankei ten. I said this is something I you people. Give us the fucking flew. Now you Saunas the shit to keep it at bay. What racket said on the my breath but still she knows how I feel about it but you know I get a kick out of lately. I got a kick out of you know I I. I wonder if the same people who said George Bush was behind. Nine eleven Why can't these people seem to believe that the sneaky Chinese may have decided to some of their own people in Wuhan just to bring the West to our knees. Doesn't that make sense to anybody you know? Why is that so hard to believe? There is so many people who loved to talk about the conspiracy. George Bush knew everybody knew nine eleven. Suri Day well. He knew he had to sacrifice a couple of thousand Americans for the greater good. Hate those stories. I hate the stories about this certain paint inside the building and then the building them as seven. Colli. I've heard an all I read it. All I've seen all the fucking spiracy shows you'll never get me to believe. I have friends who died. You can't tell me that was all dow. George Bush did not know about nine. He may have known and I. I'm certainly knew a lot of people knew this was something that you know the our enemies with thinking of doing flying into buildings and I think they obviously really dropped the ball on that but to know this is going to happen on this date and they did nothing no. I don't buy it but they do believe that. Mostly crazy liberal. If you do believe that why can you not believe that the Chinese manufactured this and figuring out clues? Let's lose a few thousand fucking people who'll Han for the greater global knocked the West on its knees. We'll start to take over where we WANNA take. I could certainly see that happening. It I'm talking to people I found out that you know you go around every place you go. You Talk to people you now you watch TV. Everybody seems to be in different phases of believing this thing. That's happening to us. Not Everybody's on the same page. Which makes it a lot more confusing. You know like Even a week ago or so I wasn't nearly as concern and other people were and I remember thinking I got a problem. Calm down now where they were and I think that in a week or two. I'm going to be where they are. Now I think it's been traveling like that like a ripple in a lake or a wave in the ocean. Everybody's at a different face. No there are some people who are like. I'm not scared I'm GonNa live and some people. Are you know visibly taking big precautions? They're they're hoarding food. They got the gloves and the mask on and are people who are so upset. They act like the viruses Definitely GonNA kill him like they're they're sure they're gonNA die. This some people are buying cemetery plots in Hollywood. Have you seen this Hollywood forever? Cemetery that beautiful cemetery having a Middle Hollywood. Oh It's beautiful. It's beautiful mausoleums. It's got a lake man. Made Lake in the middle of a palm trees. We shot a ton of episodes of mysteries and scandals in that cemetery at night. It's beautiful place These people are death obsessed. And they're they're gonNA have to plots buying toilet paper the last the last week or so. People are spending a lot of money to buy predestined plots and grab a spot where more than two hundred celebrities arresting in peace right now. A crypt at Hollywood forever. Cemetery cost around seven thousand dollars. It ain't cheap and they can go up to twenty grand or more if you really get the fancy shit or if you WANNA go next to someone's fucking mausoleum you know someone's crypt you can get really. You can't get too much because most of the plots around the really famous people have been taken up to grand at Hollywood forever cemetery for a prime position at the VIP section along the lake. They call it the garden of legends. You put yourself in there. It's to set you back a lot but then again in this in this league twenty grand is nothing for a lot of people live here in of work. It's nothing but you. You put that money down you. Can you lay next to judy? Garland Fay Wray Cecil. B Demille is there even even Chris Cornell and Joey Ramone for rock sauce for you rock fence By the way put a pin in that for a second. Because I I want to say today show's brought to you by honey. Online shopping used to be so simple now. Online shopping is very very important. Who.

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