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With look stuff easy candy bar actually. I didn't have to sit down with the stick. It looks like a fucking old people sock piece of dump. I don't I hate people. We're now you don't want slick on the podcast paroled. Yeah no I'm against Jerry Brown for president on my show we goldfield's okay was national. Call the problem with them. Almost they stink. They don't drive. That is true. I mean don't drive life. They're always grumpy. Sixty five. Should we the cutoff joining the same life. Six and five. I don't mind sixty five either. Oh my gosh you a two of getting a Connecticut troll now this question ear from my cycle attorney. ADHD at ferrol plantation. That a lot of things has gone on. Oh you know this is another tough question. The Teddy can answer it. Because he hasn't finished watchmen. This question here from Mon here. Human fucked off for the person that's listening and here's a thought. So are you going to review the witcher as a season or episode by episode season. Right all comes out. I want that would be This questionnaire from Omar Omar underscore canine in top three directors. That changed okay. I like that one I like it. I like it. Okay because the boomers it just gives us question I was about to actually. I am going to skip your question because it's like a serious one and I'm tired of being tired of being being serious This question here from Alex Pozniak at Boris Underscore Twenty forty seven. Boris favorite spongebob character. I like these questions questions guys. This is what I'm talking talking about. I'd like sandy cheeks. She goes out there really. What'd you hill? Have my favorite character ashes ages. Teddy every fucking spongebob. Did you pick sandy cheese sandwiches. She's the only non fish. Yes she's the only person who's got a fucking clue Mr Hudson. She supports her own house. She's got the Nice House Domos paid for by the people by the scientists that board down there while exactly. She's got a nice size smart. She's attractive she's snows. Take thank you what folks any cheeks got. Take a couple of sandy cheeks. Yeah why not. Oh Man Seaweed scrubs. He's good with money as a business. What do you mean hard working? American Collard Collard Launch Pill started from. Nothing made his his million dollars a lot of my favorite fishing. I mean Bob man himself. There's Bob most of the funniest parts and involves. Spongebob Patrick. He's another easy one. I mean I feel like that's cheating cheating but those are the best. What's yours Gary? See I feel like squidward is the fan favorite. Though you get older you more squidward. The running around you know doesn't want to think fast stealing cookies. Why draft to go actually do have a question for our near? Oh It's question here from Alison that Alison scores full. Now that was a joke. I need aren't have ranked the frozen solves older new say which movie though was better Frozen one was much better. That's been faked. It was it was really good to a point one before all the frozen one. It sounds like you were saying which never mind go on the Chosen One. Become Rosenman love is love is an open door is probably the best ball and both movies. The second one had really good so I need a partner wants to be my Hans if I can hear it all due to good song. The moment I mean Hans turns out to be a piece of shit but in the moments very fun song I mean what do you want to build a good one too but what it means to the movie I like to tell the story intertwined into that The new movie into your known very good very good song. I I haven't seen it enough or listen to the song enough where I know like I. This is gonNA stick around so we'll see how those age there's no like you're welcome. Where as soon as you hear it? You're like Oh this is a classic like marijuana. Yeah you're welcome let it go is show you know Rudd Snow Snow The Christmas ABC's cold outside all those are in their Ron. Rudolph Chuck Very and who can forget you know how they have like the marshalls and everybody. Did you see them. Even it's like. That song is about Paul McCartney performing witchcraft with this runs but then walks in the way the changes off right. Yeah I wasn't there song frozen. Let it snow. You should go go for the first time forever is a good one to listen good songs all around way. It's like Oh this question here. For Teddy it's leaded goals. Let it go let. It's no goes like how you sang it. No go go go onto the next question. Russian air discussion here from Ben Urban us to see that no set me out. Sworn the studies minds Benson half. I didn't know what was what was the joke anymore. Camera all my God. Can I ask this next question. He's like let it can't that's the sole that's is the old saw man. This question here from Ben Urbanize. What's up then? Why the fuck is nashes? I why the fuck is Nash's voice. Nicest Faulk trashes faulk at the same time. That's a great nation for what your voice is like. It's the perfect for animation for voice over but it's also knowing but it's very unique. Yeah it's harsh. You know. It sucks to say it sucks. I Kit Yeah. I'm well her person. The sucks listened to the podcast. Because I hate my own Voice Guy Voice you think of everything that we say to him you think you saying that. His voice sucks. It's GonNa GonNa hurt him. NASHES voices like Adam. Driver in terms of ease up traditionally handsome. But there's a weird handsomeness them. That's like your voice. Okay I I like us. They say like holes that like a good looking dude you know symmetrical face Nice eyes you know nicer yeah gets gets like a nine out of ten but a weird looking guy ten ten ten than a five out of ten you know. Yeah that's that's your you take knowing joint fucking oh well thank you very much. I don't mind you when you get drunk. I can't stand the sound of Your Voice Because it's like it's like it is now but it's slower and more particular than me when you're drunk the tone of voice down because I'm always on agent you talking about like the cadence in the pitch changes he and I love it comes out of his mouth can barely form a sentence when he's drunk and somehow teddy thinks that Nash thinks he's better than it's all in the face man. Uh Terry over speaking of how. How many or most crushing last night? Eleven and I'm on my way to the fantasy fantasy Super Bowl you're so lucky. You I- legit like idolize you because I've watched MIMOSA chronicles. And then I go on playstation like nine o'clock at night after a day of work work and WHO's online playing. PG Yeah. Nash Kid's been crushable Moses. All big plays golfing all my but I was so bad. All right so it's hard right. It's very well when you can't teach kind of but can we make that like thing. Can I get like a shirt like the MIMOSA chronicles. Yes with with the robot. Yeah Oh yeah I was Gonna join you but Bows like editor of you wash but tonight. So don't don't get drunk. And we didn't even review watchmen so I I did tell him not to get screwed the poop. He's a party the booth here but is ready to take crown. I'm like he's in the focus the fantasy and everything. I'M GONNA sneeze down on three in time but didn't you feel good after not drinking now. I'm still shaking. Felt worse discussion here from Cowboy Status at Cowboy. Sanit says you boy cowboy could Teddy's take the rock don't don't know trying to see Teddy's back to the heck I saw one. Ah because I saw on twitter because one of the replies was how many times teddy conventionally by by you know. What's the most you can bench? Not that much. Never had a good bench love everybody. Thanks for listening. I want to ask you with drink. So did you ever wake up like it was a night that you didn't drink but like expect when you wake up to be hung over and you're not the best feeling explained that against like a weekend you don't drink uh-huh in the morning yeah hung over I honestly it's getting to the point that I don't get hung over anymore Khumbu. It's a problem it's not. It's not good. I mean to my body's like getting used to me drinking so much. I went out last night. No Saturday night with Elena and I had like four beers and I I wanted to pass out next morning. He'll have one beer and he'll be like you'll you feel that all go see Kazan. And then we're going to do double features. We have two hours in between Zaman us so we go to Buffalo Wild Wings store we both get a beer and food and crazy like you you know. We got a halfway down a stadium items. He's like y'all off. It was one and a half. They're bigger glasses. He's trying to justify this. The worst alcohol drinker watching you drink. Alcohol is cringing cringing myself. I drink alcoholic square when he was stays in the crabby. Patty you the you know what it is to with him when he he says all tonight. I'm throwing up. He fully fully commit. Which I'm proud of you? Yeah I'm really proud all right. Let's take one last question here. One more what I'm Laura no no I know. Underscore Fish Lauren. What's a life lesson? You've learned the hard way blue. Okay uh-huh we can't say we can't boy. I'll tell you guys all these. The National Tag Release Nash Cut. Yeah that that I think she's she's more like full house life lessons. You know okay. It's like you know what I've learned chickens before they hatch as you go into like the darkest moments of your life like my dad. Dying of cancer told me people die. God I don't know I'm an idiot. I kinda don't learn anything anything. Yeah I'm trying to think of a life lesson that I've learned. Let's look up life lessons right. Yeah don't eat before you drink. The lesson I learned. Gabby sweet sixteen. Oh Yeah yeah definitely learned that the hard way. That wasn't fun Godzilla. That was my social peak. Yeah they're really you know what's gone. AUTOMIC flounder was not unhappy. She no she didn't come in. She did she came into the. I talked to your mom my sister pick-me-up I'll met. Maybe it was like the night the day after when I saw your mom probably. Yeah I remember. I went to the Negron next day smacked by Golden State and that's when Golden State saw next big always so so life lesson I don't you know life. Life is what it is. I don't think too much about it. Don't don't shock on a local art. Everybody thanks for listening to the PODCAST. I shall over for Aaron Aaron Nash and Teddy. Yeah any last thoughts. Want someone to make that chair for me and somebody make that shirt design. Yeah we can make it. You can make it really make that bitch and sell it guys. Thanks for watching this video. And of course we would do our patriotic supporters without you guys. sner soup wouldn't be.

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