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It's 5 11, now the Frederick County School system. HM. Is looking into a vandalism incident at an elementary school where a racial slur and obscene image were found yesterday morning. The Fredericknewspost says washable sidewalk chalk was used by who average through the images at Whittier Elementary School. It was discovered by a school employee there about seven a.m. yesterday and it was washed off before students another staff could get there. Frederick Police are looking at surveillance cameras in the area as they investigate. If whoever did it is caught, they will face charges, and if it's a Frederick County public school student, they could face further disciplinary action as well. The legacy of four Virginia residents who were the first to desegregated school is now being honored. The Stratford commemorative Trail at Dorothy Ham Middle School has been formally dedicated to honor 4/7 graders who desegregated the school. Back in 1959. Local leaders recognized Gloria Thompson Ronald desk. It's Lance Newman and Michael Jones for their courage. And said the new trail is a reminder of the county's ongoing effort to advance equity six decades later. Jones, speaking at the event, said he is proud to see progress still much work to do. However, with of instances these we can see in the future, I might more diverse nation, a nation that provides better justice. True liberty and justice for all. Melissa Howell. W T O P. NEWS There's a new effort to remove the Confederate statue from the grounds of a courthouse on the Eastern Shore. It was the topic of a video town hall last night. The move the monument Coalition of the Tablet County N double A C P Want the Talbot Boys Monument, moved. US senator from Maryland. Chris Van Holland supports the effort. It's especially It seems to me going that this particular monument on public lands is in front of a courthouse. The monument on the Taliban County Courthouse lawn includes a statue of a soldier holding a Confederate battle flag. A rally supporting the removal is set for Saturday. Juneteenth. Kyle Cooper, w T. O P News, Virginia's governor says some of his policy accomplishments would have never come about if it hadn't been for that 2019 scandal. Over a racist photo on his medical school yearbook page. That's well, Ralph Northam tells The New York Times. The yearbook page from 1984 includes a photo of a man in black face next to another in a Ku Klux Klan robe. That photo led to widespread calls for his resignation. Since the governor says he still can't remember which of the two figures as him instead of leaving office, though he went on a listening tour, which Northern says made him a better person and help him understand black oppression. Asked if his story is also one of the men's privilege North of agreed, adding, That's the reason why he wants to level the playing field. It's 5 13. Would you like to join the 75,000 active and retired civil service, who already have a million dollars plus in their four Oh one K accounts Club mill for short. This is federal news Network senior correspondent Mike Causey. Maybe you work with the TSP millionaire now and that might be your ticket in. There are several ways to do it. You can time or rather try to time the market which tends to fall apart when it comes to actually picking when to buy and want to sell, or you can get lucky lottery winner lucky and good luck with that. Or you can do what most of the smart feds did, and are doing now invest for 25 to 30 years in their thrift savings plan through good times and bad, especially bad when shares are actually on sale or ask the millionaire in your office what he or she did, which is what we did to find out his secret. Check out my millionaires Guide to the TSP column and all our email alerts that federal news network dot com slash alerts. I'm Mike Causey. And good luck. This is the sound.

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