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All my goodness it is a Monday Mike Reiss millennial grant here and tomorrow Dave breaking Kathy you're back so they have been enjoying some well deserved time off it has been it was fun to fill in the last week we've got one more day to day one more day to be with you right up until twelve noon today three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five and on the text line five six six nine zero will get that fired up because there's a lot to talk about in on Twitter if you want to reach me there always can do that at M. rice K. away and a Monday is upon us and interesting Monday is as well because when you say well how was the weekend like house we can grant well I mean we kids are always good right because their weekends but these weekends have been a little bit different there's no two ways about it and I think it's hard to escape I don't know if you feel the same way grant but for me it's just it's it it's a little bit hard to escape what's going on here and around the country and part of me is like you know I don't want to just escape it from the standpoint of put my head in the sand and pretend it's not going on and yet at the same time it I mean you have to watch how much you take in because it it can be exhausting yeah I mean it's impossible for me right now to escape it because I live downtown yeah they all day all night the past couple nights have been you know sound cannons and sirens constantly so it's been I mean yesterday my girlfriend I we're just stressed out about it you know it's just nonstop and it's always there and then you want to know what's happening so you're checking the live feeds of you know the protests in your scene after the curfew ends you have these people running around Startin fires in the street I mean there was a lot of a lot of really good peaceful protesting going on in Denver there's a really cool scene in Civic Center park where they all laid flat down on their chest for like a minute or something but yesterday I had to leave I I left town I want another landing got out and really got out nature got away from the the constant news cycle for a little bit yeah it was good for me yeah I think you're right back into it you know there's no escape no and and I think that's that's sort of where we're at right now and and on the one hand these are let let me make it a clear distinction the voice in the issues that the peaceful protesters are bringing up in raising our critical the rest of it the riots the looting the fires all of that Dhoni back alternately that just drowns out or attempts to drown out the the real message the real issues that are critical to talk about and critical to disc to discuss we're gonna do some of that today will take some time here in this first segment will also catch up with Dr Steven Cobb of centre health Dr Cobb is an immunologist and there's been so much talk about the virus and suppressed immune systems we wanted to bring on Dr Cobb and just sort of get immunology one oh one if you know what I mean maybe that's just for me because it's it's fascinating to me but we will we will talk with him at nine thirty six will also catch up with Jack Corrigan who is the voice of the Rockies and Major League Baseball players have submitted a counter proposal to the owners one hundred fourteen games players can opt out of this season if they so choose no further pay reductions I don't know that many people really feel that the owners are just going to say sure no problem let's go with this but at least there reading the dialogue in continuing the dialogue so we'll talk with jacket ten oh six and then at eleven thirty six will close the show by checking in with COS let director Rick George just get an update on it sounds like things are moving forward towards colleges and universities and universities having in person classes in the fall certainly see you and see if you have said that CSU has said that after the fall break which comes relatively late in the semester the last couple of weeks of the semester will be online and I know there's finals in there and and whatnot three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five Shawna is in Denver and wants to check in hello Shauna Hey how are you today I'm doing great thanks appreciate the call what's on your mind I just want to talk about the attempted suicide bombers on the highway in Minnesota okay the reason I want to talk about it on Twitter there's a lot of conservatives saying that he didn't kill anyone and he tried to stop for that he stopped for that last guy I'm a physical person and confidently my mom married a truck driver and then she does you know they wanted to drive together so she also got her truck driving license plate confirm this with her this morning to make sure this is what happened there was nobody else on the road okay let me let me just jump in and I'm gonna give you a chance to explain it I must say I have missed this story are you referring to the semi truck driver that was driving on the highway into the groups of protesters are towards a group of protesters oh okay okay I did see that video then okay good and you're not towards into it we tried to go into okay so is the way that you're do you're saying this is what happened based on your mom's account now based on based on it just anyone with half a brain would understand that so let me explain it to you and you'll hear it and you'll get it you'll say okay that makes sense because physics and math he was barreling down the freeway and there is no other cars would have been a very loud sound which is why the protesters all ran out of the way right away and when he noticed that the protesters ran out of the way he started breaking right that he didn't start breaking when he saw that last guy because he couldn't happen it takes a it's really hard to stop SMI now he also had an oil tanker if you were the oil right my right yeah so not sure what but it was one of the yeah yeah either way let's assume it's fall so what he did when when I found my breaks like that normally a jackknife and rolled over and sometimes explode so that's what was going on it wasn't that he stopped for that one protester could it would have been possible he stopped he started breaking when they all ran because he wanted it to Jack night which would have also that hit the people that were on the side okay wonder going to hit and that would have exploded most of probably not definitely but what a role to jackknife that's how he was going to hurt all those people that got out of the way so please quit saying that this guy is some kind of a hero because he didn't have that last protest which shot shot I gotta wait time out time out to time out here it's nine fifteen I've been great I've been on the air literally for six minutes okay we have not even talked about the story and I don't mean to get a little defensive here but we haven't even mentioned the story so just tell us to stop telling saying he's a hero at first I didn't I couldn't even remember what you were talking about if you want to talk about the story that's fine if you're passionate about it which you are I completely respect that we haven't even mentioned it so I don't know who you're referring to when you say you're right okay so now that now that that okay now that we've taken the emotion down a notch and I look this is these are emotional times I'm not trying to be you know hit the sand Manzi pansy unrealistic naivety here I'm just trying to say let's have a conversation so your point in all of that is to say what Matt Walsh Matt Walsh who is a very influential conservative yes I'm familiar with Twitter he's on Twitter right now saying that he didn't have anybody and he stops for that guy and so he's some kind of good guy hero a suicide bomber what we don't know that he was an attempted suicide bomber I don't think I mean I had a brain and understand I'm actually that's not quite fair though that what was that that's that's that's how it works in your mind we don't we haven't even heard from the guy well and it could you could very well be right I'm not defending the guy I'm just saying I don't think we can at this point however few hours after the incident say he was a suicide bomber maybe was maybe was a domestic terrorist I don't know but just because you think that he was doing something doesn't make it so does that make sense what what just the logically look at that we look at it we did it we don't know don't go through it again because all you're saying is this is if you were a logical you think that's the only logical outcome the highway was closed there's no doubt I find I can't account for Mr wall shall be either thirty five W. I. K. I'm sorry that was that was our computer that jumped in I I I can't I can't account for and I obviously you're upset about that and I appreciate the fact that you would have a different view on that but I you know I think we're gonna have to I don't know what else to say about his motives until we get more information about that incident now could very well be could very well be that you are correct absolutely I mean to me it's curious like you have a truck barreling down here and what's going on first off why is even there I mean those are the kind of things I want I mean if the oil and gas right that's why in his truck but then why didn't he jacked it in let me just play devil's advocate for one second my mom I asked my mom that I asked my mom that and he said she said that you're you're not always going to Jack nine I see and he said because that you get they didn't he didn't hit anything in front of him and there was there was nobody around him whatever and so he probably just you know a got lucky and B. you didn't have anything which was also the cards the Jack and I have to like a big car or something in front of him that way because the Jack nice that you get the protesters got lucky and that it just get it straight and that of yeah Jack nice and rolling Shaughnessy said that they were incredibly lucky that they're all about well no doubt no doubt thank you thank you for calling thank you for waiting and I do appreciate that I really do three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five look at the passion I'm not going to douse the passion the people half his are emotionally charged issues and you know we took a call grant on Friday from I believe Thomas who was very upset about things and we let Thomas be upset for probably longer than we should have just because you know you have to kind of keep things moving on a radio show just how things go but you know what that's okay I get the passion I get T. V. a.

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