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But the land use rules rewrite to a public vote in november opponents of code next say they're ready to go to court the city contends that code next is a zoning issue and therefore not subject to a citizen vote attorney fred lewis disputes that saying there's very little in code next that deals with zoning and he likes his chances in court the courts really defer to letting the voters we live in a democracy the courts do not want to interfere with the tissue right lewis says not putting code next on the ballot in some way shows the city doesn't care about his property owning citizens and that's gonna cost them eric like newsradio klbj meantime austin city council member and kitchen was one of six who voted down in the austin measure be give people a vote on kodak's kitchen maintains she was worried after cd lawyers said the measure was illegal and when asked what she thought about giving the people of vote on a final version of code next she said i wouldn't about for code next today i do think that code next is an opportunity for us to just do something about all the concerns we have about growth gibson says if done right the land development code rewrite could cure many of the city's problems but as of her thoughts on public vote kitchen is playing it close to the vest john dooley newsradio klbj well if you were hoping to ride one of those dacas scooters this morning in downtown you're out of luck too companies have put the scooters on the streets of austin pull them off the streets this weekend that comes after the city council passed a new ordinance regulating the scooters early friday morning the company say they'll return the scooters to the streets as soon as they are registered and meet all of the terms of the new city ordinance don't expect to see any new roadwork around winstead lane in the near future that's because believe it or not travel times are actually coming down at least according to cpr may of.

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