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Adam Sandler, Steven Spielberg, Gwyneth Paltrow discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen


Okay adam sandler adam sandler does he have a nickname kind of hand okay steven spielberg like mr spill gwyneth paltrow i call her gps because she knows everything and everywhere a little bit of jimmy what do you call jimmy fallon bill in law be i i'm still for sister let's cute what about reese witherspoon old bud okay what do you call molly shannon what do you call hugh grant hubert okay i love it you re what do you call timothy you know legal cuts how your something as we go down this list here's a here's what realize our lives are different if you went down that list with me i'd be like i love that guys work i've seen that movie right yes these are geneva these what do you call it for these people daddy deal tabby yeah i was like you're playing my father and you're the most intimidating man on the planet nicole richie like nicole how they do very much that's finally if you haven't already i suggest taking an edible rewatching santa clarita diet and considering who in your life might be edible here's what let's give it a world with who would you eat oprah gail moving along name who planned per gail both of you i would eat a brass auto body her but but i know she wouldn't wanna live without kale so i'd eat gail to live together in harmony and lloyd if my body would you eat donald trump junior or eric trump.

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