Isaias spawns deadly tornado, brings flooding and power outages


We'll a good chunk of the tri state area still in dark from the power being knocked out yesterday by a tropical storm Zaius on days like this, you might think of Sandy and Irene. Well, in some ways it was that bad. Con Edison hasn't seen outages like this. Since Sandy spokesman Alan Drury. It surpasses Hurricane Irene, which is in 2011. Only one bigger at this point would be Hurricane Sandy, which caused more than a 1,000,000 hours. New Jersey got it The worst. More than a 1,000,000 people lost power, and it will take days to get a lot of them back online, CPN L's Cliff Cole on one electric crews they're dealing with. We need to have them assessed the situation safely and make sure it's safe for them to get into these areas. Zaius was deadly in Queens. A man sitting in his car in Briar Wood was crushed to death by a falling tree. Transit systems were knocked out of service for hours. This is empty a chairman Pat Boy. This was a storm without frankly, no flooding to speak of, but very high winds and lots of trees down and talking about a storm during a pandemic. Boy has been pushing for more federal money to help the empty during this fiscal crisis. He says that money would go toward operations during a storm both preparations and recovery.

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