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Thing. She knows when pains coming. I'm going to here. I wanna wave pain. I'm not going to get in the ring about gone deal with moon. I'm not to deal with the tire. I'm not dealing with. All I'm I'm gonna wait just gonna wait. And then NICKY cross showed up who's not over at all you got huge pot from the crowd. She runs out in the first thing she does is go for Billy gay. And so that gets Billy in the match and then right after Nikki comes Peyton Peyton comes running down, the the I don't want to call it ramp way. Because that's not right. It wasn't ramp. But she comes running down the aisle, and you could just tell the reaction is get your hands off. My what does what you could tell it was like get your hands off her of a fight ensues there. And that was just one of the cute little moments in the rumble where you're like. Yeah. Okay. That was good. It was really good to me. And it can get out of the ring. I don't need it anymore. Say it like that. That's me. She has bad knees. She has terrible timing. She slopping the ring she needs pullback. Does that nicer thing communities are bothering her? You can tell they're bothering her. It's just at this point. Yeah. I feel like I don't want to tell her to get out of the rain because for the love of God, she she does this in. I don't. But I mean same time. It's like you can tell like you can tell in the way that she walks because they showed everybody walking to the ring in a very prolonged. I'll that her knees really are shot they're shot they're bothering her a lot, and it's just like hunting. No, Z, Elaine. Let's prize. Fair Logan, Charlotte. Okay. Can we talk about who? Cute. Sarah Logan looked real quick. She looked adorable. She had on this feather Olen Countess Gert because it's not Kurt. But a feather thing on her bottom, and it was adorable. She came as a little Viking, which you know follows up the night before where she was a little Viking. And she got kicked ass for a little bit. Charlotte car saying Maria Callas Naomi who came from India rose like you do and the Monroes quickly got her out can this Laurey, it'd be so happy to see Kansas one. She was wearing gear inspired by taking lacks tribute. And to if you go to the PC YouTube channel, you can see the Sarah, Sarah. The motto wasn't was this air. No stairs. And it was Albert and Sarah. I think no. Who's the other trainer? No. I think was there. Sarah, Albert, and Sarah. They they went in. And they told all the talent that they're going to be the rumble thought, it was really awesome..

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