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You know, like the GI Joe sequel, he did the best moment. Air vaccine of that sequel is a snake eyes fight scene, and I feel like that's the the sequence that Jon CHU was allowed to do, you know, be John CHU and in, you know, knife see me to the whole heist breakout scene where the using Carter strain stuff. It's like, you know, the the most stylistic in John q. gets in this film. I feel like actually get gives him a chance to do that for whole movie in so enjoyable. I, I'm, I'm very happy that romantic comedies. Are you know making a comeback? I in. Just so much fun. I love. Love like the food porn shots. It makes me want to go visit China and. Yeah, I if I had any complaint about this movie, I would say that I think the first half of the movie kind of wax a intactness te or so. It kind of is like very much just like, oh, everything's going great, but second-half definitely makes up for that. But I'm sure if you're interested in seeing crazy rich agents, you probably saw it over the weekend. And the other thing I've been watching is better call Saul, which is now on AMC. It's as great as ever is. I just wanted to to say how great what's your name? The place, Kim Wexler maybe Christie, you know, her name. Scaping me, reassess, reassess Jorn. Yes, she's a phenomenal. I think she's actually the best part of that show. Yeah. Yeah. She's just so great met show that show is just like the best thing that is on television right now. If you asked me and if you aren't watching it, if you gave up in the first season, you know, go back, watch better, call Saul catch up because you were truly made missing great television, Jacob. What have you been watching. I went to theater in top with black klansman over the weekend. And I came to an interesting place because as magic interests, last film I had edited if you spoil their field articles about this movie before I got to see it. And so I went into this movie with two articles in mind, one by Candice, Federick and one by trae man gum to our freelancers, both who had very different opinions about both. We're poaching the film as black Americans and both had very divergent opinions on who was four and how presented itself. And so I went in really prepared to be torn bomb in in both directions by end up loving it. He loves a a, a tough wardrobe movie that is kind of as unforgiving as this one is. And people talked about this before already. So I don't want to dwell on black klansman too much, but to say, I thought it was excellent. I saw ten thirty in the morning and the people around me what it's like shell shocked in crying..

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