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And even then it wasn't necessarily clinical depression. It was more a conditional depression. Okay. And this guy after never going to church before this. He was now becoming convinced that a satanist had planet a demon inside his soul. God don't eat any other food at the potluck demon seated, but the thing was at this point, Michael was at a crossroads see Taylor's. They were ready to go on a little holiday to try to clear their mind and return to the normal life. They've enjoyed before they met Marie Robinson and her little group nothing like a carousel just making not horny for your priests. Absolutely. Ba Reverend Vincent he had other plan. Oh, no, see. There wasn't a chance that he'd abide a demon in his own backyard. So when he heard that the Taylor's were planning on letting it all go Vincent got a neighbor to convince them otherwise. And that neighbor was the same one who had brought them into Marie Robinson's group in the first place. It was bombed. Meanwhile, you know, you flush toilets heave through the walls. Did you? Great you need to get your as you do we need. What about? What about barb? So rather than just letting them get back to their lives. Barbara word Mun convinced Michael and Christine Taylor to go. Visit Reverend Vincent at Saint Thomas church on Cobra fifth nineteen seventy four without really telling them what they had planned. Oh, thanking speak as he. And me. You've got to come by on a it's gonna be fun. It'll be fun. They surprise extra schism. Yes. I do too. Very few things that should be surprised. Maybe a surprise baby shower knows they're pregnant fries birthday. Yeah. You know, fill in the realm of possibility surprise extra schism is one of the most horrifying things. Just imagine going markets come on over for for wrestlemainia. But there's no wrestling on all of us. We're just like sit down. Oh, no. Honestly, it'd be kinda cool 'cause I jump right in. Yeah. I didn't even go a lot. Your mother sucks. Cocks inhale Cox. My mom's still alive. We'll benson. He'd come ready as well. He assembled a whole exorcist team calling over a Methodist, husband and wife exorcist duo named Raymond and Peggy from the next town over this is great Raymond impact me, man. They got they got fanny packs. They're fully ready for dull filled with all of their nooks and juries for their Xs Vincent's wife joined in as well. And they rounded it all out with a dude named Don James as an assistant. They I'm Don. Hey. I don't do anything. I got a couple of dozen got a couple of dozen seltzer. Here got some guys want any snacks or anything Medicale sale. It. I don't know. I'm Don again, anything you need you love, you know, so simple some sort of a vendor super troop here. Yeah. Of spiritual leaders, I guess. Yup. So win the Taylor showed up that night. The group sprung the trap. This is not just a friendly meeting. This wasn't exorcist him holes on your guys now, Michael immediately reacted by throwing his tea and the Reverend face, then he kicked the reverence cat and then he punched him in the face as well. If you grow your team in England, that's a felony honestly attempted murder because they keep that t- at like two hundred ninety degrees. That's what they have to sip it. Yeah. So the team grabbed Michael tied them up and laid them down on some four cushions in an office in the church and waited for midnight to come. Why? Did you schedule this phenomenon? If you wanted this to be thing, you could add just at eleven thirty. Because now I'm struggling I'm going to be struggling for two and a half hours. Don't be all mad Donna's. Like what point does this become kidnapping? Well, it was their professional opinion that there was an enormous evil emanated from Michael and that evil was most likely because unbeknownst to Michael Marie had somehow pledged him to Satan. Oh, of course, of course, sustaining at midnight. The exorcist team took turns drawing the demons out from Michael Taylor. They made him confess to since he had never committed and win. He confessed to such sense. They shoved crosses in his mouth. Well, work. You time then they took the last cross that Michael owned a wooden crucifix..

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