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There is a saying that a lawyer who represent himself has a fool for a client may be so boat william virgil and least had the sense not to go solo as courses he might sound the man has a good grasp of the law as his prison sentence unfolded he was one of those inmates who learned everything he could reading legal textbooks in helping his fellow inmates file appeals and motions but before that he insisted on being his own cocounsel and his murder case he just wanted some control in his proceedings his life was on the line after all and he trusted no one to fight for his freedom as hard as he would himself the only time during the trial of that this really mattered was during while max testimony virgil insisted on crossexamining the man he was supposed to have confessed to virgil you stated that we sell together in isolation more mack yes sir virgil so if we'll check with the institution mel verify that guy's cell together and that you and i sell together in isolation in the month of august more mack yes sir virgil came back to this again and again we sell together in the same cell on what floor together you're saying he ousted in so many different ways that womack lost patience how many times you going to allow us to ask me the same question eight times to that question he told the judge the judge agreed it is getting repetitive.

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