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I agree another it's been something I've been thinking about recently, but I think we should devote an episode or at least part of an episode sometime in the near future to what exactly does right-wing mean. How long Left-wing mean your own favorite magazine The Spectator talks about left and right wing. Did I yes? So indeed today's well, they talk about the crazy left all the time. Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, they do. Now, I would I would label to spectator sort of conservative publication rather than a right-wing but they dragged the left. Of course they do and they call it the left. Yes, they do and cuz they don't identify as left. They identify as conservatives are asking what is left. And what's right and is there such a thing my office and your favorite magazine says there is such a thing know what I'm saying is my my argument is that what a lot of people who identify as left c s right wing is anything that's not them and what I'm saying is the world isn't divided into left and right there are a lot of shades of I don't fit into these. Neatly Left Right categories. I see myself as well. I mean come from the left well, but he's the thing you can talk about not right-wing very ject a lot of the page. I'm pretty left-wing bulshit, but we can talk about what is traditionally left-wing and what is traditionally right wing and we can say that but what he would follow a traditional left-wing on this issue. Yeah blah blah blah, but when it comes to freedom of speech and identity politics, we abandon the left and we we take what would be considered a right-wing position on that right-wing usage. This is my argument freedom of speech is a left-wing thing. It has been an avid for a left of a band and that and have given it right. Yes. Now they haven't given it to the right..

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