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Hear Greg's conversation with him later in the show. I Greg talks to Jeff Nesbit. Former communications director for vice president Dan Quayle and currently executive director of climate nexus a communications organization trying to get the climate story covered. More prominently in the mainstream news media. His new book is this is the way the world ends had droughts. And die-offs heats in hurricanes are converging on America. Jeff Nesbit welcomed the climate. Thanks for having me thirty years ago. Jim Hansen testified before congress climate got onto the front page of the New York Times for the first time later that year in the presidential election. Climate was an issue. I'd like to play a clip from vice presidential debate in which Dan Quayle and Lloyd Bentsen were asked a question by Jon Margolis of the Chicago Tribune, Jon Margolis, a question for Senator Bentsen Senator we've all just finished most America has just finished one of the hottest summers. It can remember. And apparently this year will be the fifth that of the last nine that are among the hottest on record. No one knows. But most scientists think that something we're doing human beings are doing are exacerbating this problem and that this could in a couple of generations threaten our descendants comfort and health and perhaps even their existence as vice president. What would you words our government to do to deal with this problem? And specifically as Texan could you support a substantial reduction in use? A fossil fuels which might be necessary down the road. Well, I think what you can do in that one. And which would be very helpful to us a lot more Nashville gas, which burns a lot cleaner. But the greenhouse effect is one that has to be a threat to all of us, and we have to look for alternative sources of two and I've supported that very strongly. Now,.

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