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We have The same sensibilities as far as appreciation and just We have the same feelings about what it takes to get ahead. Nothing's really given to us. Like I feel like people that listen to the show kind of relate with me on that And so that being said I'M GONNA show up to work and if I need to show up to work my house I will but as of right. Now we're Rockin it here again. I'm also not working at the mill like my Stepdad. I'm coming in. I'm talking on a frigging microphone right. The only thing I worry about the doorknobs out front. So that's what's up I got a text here. What do you feel about dental professionals continuing to work? I feel like it's a personal decision that everyone gets and has to make gets to make until it's made for them then has to make for themselves and their family so I trust scientists and doctors and if science scientists and doctors say Dennis shouldn't work any more than they probably should have. But I haven't seen that happen so Yeah I would just encourage you to with all of the things happening on the Internet and people all saying what's going on listen to scientists. Listen to doctors and whatever politician you listen to this. Talk in as an expert. Don't doesn't designed doctors I. They know what's going on politicians two days ago and he'd go to your local PAS. Have a party hang out with everybody. Well the next day six hours like well we wrong so I don't care what politician you were listening to. You know don't unless are quoting scientists or a doctor when it comes to this so There you go and you'll get an old personal lives next to you. Check on them Hit him up. Hey feeling do you need anything? Because they shouldn't be going out to the store or whatever or can you? Can you have something delivered to them? Because they probably don't know how to use Amazon. I'm just speaking for. Maybe they do or person I know. No I'm thinking of my dad like he. Will he swat it like you? Can't he thought you know you could call Uber like a taxi on your he said? What's the phone number for Uber? Let Me Take Josh in North Carolina on the phone Josh. What's happening dude? Not a whole house are willing to make a jury all right. Well WE'RE GONNA trade here okay. Got Some Nice old bottle of Kermadec for Good Ole signed Bobby Bobby Book Let's see here. How big's I bought germ x? Eighty thousand is it new? Or have you been you've been dabbling in Josh. You Been Dabbling in couple of squirts out on brand new to bottle. Eight ounce bottles baby brand said You tell me Josh Sixteen O. Which book do you want bare bones or Fail until you don't you don't okay. Okay let me see here. You're going to send me to who bottles at Geremek's for one signed fail until you don't take it in consideration is rare man yet to do how. How did you get this German? Say I work for environment the German. Let's just say wait. Hold on and it's it's pure Geremek's hundred percent pure did you watering down. It's all right. Let's just say bobby? Make the deal all right. Josh you gotTA deal but I'll send you a signed fail until you don't book And then you send me but we gotTA trust each other. Because I'm ascended out today all right I'm GonNa put you on hold. I'm GonNa Mail it to you today and I'll get whatever you went right in the book and read it in there all right. It's a good. That's a new. We got it. I got it all right Josh. Cba Don't hang hang out doing prison a Shank I can make you on. I'm Richard Blaze and I'm a chef and restaurant tour who has judged or competed on nearly every cooking show and now I found a way to judge on a podcast every week. A new podcast food court with Richard Blaze. I invite some of the world's most opinionated chefs comedians writers and actors into my court to make their cases. Then I settle their food arguments once and for all think blue cheeses gross people live like blue cheese. They also like the smell of their own farts. Tired of seeing Cilantro everywhere. I honestly think is a hate crime to the food. People put it on or maybe you think cake is better than Pie. You might as well be making jam jam maker. I'm a baker. I WANNA hear it. Sausages killed people. Wow Wow I want to hear all your opinions about food and dining no matter how unpopular they may be and then I'll judge them the first season of food court with Richard Blazes up. Subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Wherever you get your podcast.

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