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Customer behavior while some papers are adding digital subscribers in print circulations declined by more than half since its peak in the mid nineteen eighties the times says it's disappointed the journal confirm that Starbucks is stopping print sales and can not did not immediately respond to questions the sales of newspapers at Starbucks will stop in September rare sea turtles are smashing nesting records this summer on beaches in the southeast U. S. scientists say giant loggerhead sea turtles weighing up to three hundred pounds crawl ashore to dig nests in the sand every summer along the southern Atlantic coast logger heads are a threatened species protected under the Endangered Species Act scientists credit the egg laying boom to conservation measures that began more than thirty years ago so far this year researchers in Georgia South Carolina and North Carolina have catalog more than twelve thousand two hundred Nast's left by logger heads the nest counts serve as the key indicator of the overall population's health scientists say they've identified the earliest sign of humans in southern Greece after they found a chunk of skull in a cave the skulls estimated ages at least two hundred ten thousand years old making it sixteen thousand or more years older than an upper jaw bone from Israel that was reported last year the research published in the journal nature shows our species began leaving Africa much earlier than previously thought the travelers to Greece evidently left no descendants alive today other research has established that the exit is from Africa that led to our world wide spread didn't happen until more than one hundred thousand years later then you work is the latest sign of earlier dad and exits from the continent where homo sapiens.

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