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We need to really consider really being more responsible as women with another woman's heart and i think you know like rescue eve like okay so the podcast i ain't gonna lie we get to come on the podcast and be slightly pitting we get to come on the podcasts and share some of our thoughts and feelings any motions but the reason why i insist don't like the rescue eve light because i believe that we need to save space where we can share some of our petty thoughts but to also be challenged to think higher and to grow into stretch and so for me woman evolve is about meeting a woman where she is but hopefully leading her to where i believe got wants us to be as women and i think the problem with social medium and the problem with a lot of us in general is that we don't use social media to build other people we use though chal media to expose one another and when our life becomes about competition or exposing someone's insecurities or flaws i think we're going to continue to see a lot of people be broken for the world to sing and undesired wanna rescue i want to rescue women of course those who've been in the news but i wanted to rescue all women whether you're in the news or just in your community or at your school who feel like your greatest threat is another woman abilene that that is such a disservice to who you are and what got plays down on the inside abune and i am guilty of getting joy out of seeing another woman suffer and getting joy out of seeing another woman be embarrassed or getting joy out of seeing another woman be hurt and i realized that the only reason why i got joy out of it is because she began to reflect what i felt on the inside and when she began to reflect what i felt on the inside than i felt better about my own pain in my own insecurities so i want to encourage us to to rescue ourselves from our insecurities and from our need to see another woman hurt and the only way that you can do that is by.

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