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Like to do like to sit out just on the patio and listen to music and have a glass of wine and just talk, you know, we'll get we'll go through seasons. Again, we have a toddler and it's can be stressful. We travel a lot the whole fan goes on the road and get. I haven't slept in one hundred years. Case you can't tell no way the sleeping audience. Yes forever. When does it come back? Well, I think once your kids are teenagers would have been told teenager winter teenagers in sleeping, then like you are you just heard season to not sleep. That was that was such a struggle for us because we were both such sleepers before ward. I remember thinking like if I had to do something before ten thirty AM like that was early not happening. It's happening now. Now, ten thirty s like lunch. I mean, truly it's just you just get used to it or you don't get used to it. You just do it. So what's road life? Like now, what was it before? Like in the early days was road lifelike with lady. A and now what is it like would lady in all the families because every single one of the members has maybe he s. Three which is just she got that double whammy. I know I don't know how she does everything with such grace that she does she's such an amazing mom and she toward pregnant with twins too. Oh my gosh. She will the twins were born in January. So the last tour I mean, they had a couple of one off shows. But it was Europe in October. She was pregnant with twins in Europe and October. Dang. I know. Wow. Yeah. She's done. With is leash toward up until is was born. She was born on prince William's birthday think or not Prince William hindrance jury. I'm George the oldest little kid the little buddy. Hey. So is he was born into July and she toward up until beginning of July with is Lee Hiller. I know I know gosh renaissance man but life on the road. I mean, again when tarleton I started dating they were assigned band. So they were in his Jeep Cherokee drive into Chicago to play Joe's bar opening up for should as e daisy. Should they be and Phil Vassar he opened up for Phil Vassar on my birthday in Chicago. I remember I love the lesser. A summit limited on my God. I love you. Yes. Or just another day in paradise everyday. Right. And then they got signed. And I remember like one of Charles, and is first big fights was they were opening up for the Doobie brothers in Ohio. Which was like a big thing. This is a big one. Yeah. They had a winnebago. Okay. Which was like aunt huge, right? Sleeping thing. Yeah. There was like a bed in the you know. And he asked I was going to go we'd been dating for probably like five months, and he asked if I would sell merch, and I was like, no. Help which it hides. That was so rude of me. But I was like I this is not mixed. I okay rebounders from beginning. Which again, maybe I shouldn't have should've sold the frigging t shirt, and it was like, well, we don't have room for you. If you're not going to do. Job which is true. But anyway, that was exciting. We had it wouldn't sell merch going or not going. No, I didn't go. Okay. He drew Andris to. stew. So then they, you know, we're in their winnebago, and they took that winnebago also to open up for Carrie Underwood. Dewey, be that's a big deal. Yeah. They had good. They signed with CAA before they signed with anyone. So they got some good shows for everyone listening to looking company. Yes, they book all the shows. Yes, Creative Artists Agency..

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