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I can't believe I'm going to Jackson's Jack's Taylor's engagement party. Okay. Like, he's so asshole. But at least he doesn't take it out on me and Brittany Ambrose. Like, a can't open this fucking thing. It's like give it to me. Like, how are you going to open it? I mean, this is like every relationship ever where the guys are you gonna open it open it. She's like. Daddy batch turns into fire Mela, Sandra style. So then Katie we go over to Katie and Tom's apartment where Katie, of course, is on the couch. Just you know, guesting. I mean, if no one takes podcast idea that's five but Katie take my on the couch with Katie. Podcast of Katie to sitting around high on edibles folding laundry badly. It's like the terrible successor to the people's couch, the katie's couch, so there's no lines. You just watch actual show. You just see Kate his reaction, and it's always like. It like like borders on a video installment. You might see at a modern art museum watching the woman's face mildly react to something. And then be like, so then Thomas like Papa I don't know what to wear. I mean, if weren't district so much and this one might be so casual what about this? And he like pulls out like a little tom-tom, baby. Outfit little baby thing. You know? And they're like start talking about like Wednesay. Yeah. Ones eat. They're talking about like a potential, Tom and Katie baby. And he's like I can't picture you pregnant, I feel like you're going to be a monster of human. So then we go over back to Christians Christian. She no, mama and Christians like you. Krugel? Like, I'm only having soda like I wanna keep like not drinking ever because I just like I just like the other person, and I take it out on rand. And I was just thinking I wonder how this weekend. Yeah. Yeah. I know. It's like Christmas. The people closest to you. Oh, so then she has like is mercury in retrograde because like won't speak to me. He like hates me. And it's like cries. Sima? That's not what mercury in retrograde. Adam is not a robot that broke. She's like automated system up there. Three. I just wanted the op store, and I was like can I got a new autumn, please. And they said like you have to redo autumn and like identity, so hates me. It's too old problem. So I think it's all because I want on a date with Faulkner model. And they're like, okay here, we go. On us. You know, lay it on. If he doesn't want that happening. He should come to you. All right here. Miami responsible. No, she starts to cry. Because lawless saying like, she's you like you guys are gonna walk all over you let them into easily and she's like. Well, the thing is I haven't this part yet. The thing is he loves more than anything in the world are penguins. And like, so I looked into it out there query them, you're gonna talk to bang Rin. Mullah's like you adopted this motherfucker penguin. The neighbor. That she like when down this random penguin route right here in the finale, this penguin, honestly saved this episode because that was so boring aside from it all the penguin and Sheena I don't care what anybody says about Sheena, I love her and she needs to be on the show forever. I mean, this should is amazing. 'cause she's not even kidding. You know, sometimes you watch shows, and it's like, oh, they did that for they needed something to do. So they did that. But this is so Sita I got I make an hour hanging. Like, she was she was so like, this was such an urgent matter for her that she clearly didn't even wait for production to film her like filling out the form or calling or going like she just like I'm doing this..

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