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Were given safe haven and sanctuary by Democrats because they wanna feel good about themselves, and as their fellow traveller Joseph Stalin famously said you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet and they're making an omelette. You know, how they are there omelette makers from way back. Let's let's go to let's go to the sheriff. This is a border sheriff of Pima county in Arizona, and it has a big long swath of border with Mexico. Arizona. Mexico Pima county Mark Napier is his name. He's the sheriff. He's got four stars on his lapels and stuff, and he was on the Fox News channel yesterday because CNN doesn't have people like that on nora's MSNBC. They don't have other voices. They just have party voices. That's why they hired John casick. Another gonna say see we hired another Republican. Because he's a frothy anti-trump Republican. That's why they love him. So here's the the sheriff Mark Napier from Pima county Arizona, and he's talking about the border and the drugs and all of that stuff. And how things have changed is more violent. Now, there's more human trafficking, and the Democrats will say well, the numbers of people crossing the hundreds of thousands are at a jacket low. Yeah. Well, that's good at the end of World War Two fewer troops were being killed. You know, that's I guess you can call that progress perhaps not actually, but it's an irrelevant statistic. Nonetheless. Sheriff Mark Napier Pima county, the drug wars changed a lot over the last twenty years. It used to be large quantities of marijuana coming between the ports of entry and the drug traffickers headed import hundreds and hundreds of pounds of marijuana. Well, now, we see the rise in on the rise in nethon phetamine and even cocaine and a great diminishment of the amount of marijuana being traffic into this country across our southern border. So the drug wars change, but also the violence associated with human trafficking migrants coming across because they have to pay the cartels to come into the corridors into our country, and many of these people are being victimized criminally sexually in a case of women and then through the environment and the environment. Keep in mind that CBS news found that President Trump was wrong in his address to the nation when he said thirty percent of women are sexually assaulted on their way to the United States. They corrected him. They wanted us know that it was sixty to eighty percent sixty to eighty or seventy to eighty sixty to eighty percent or actually sexually assaulted. So at least twice as many as the president said pay no attention to the sexual assaults. The Democrats like the status quo the status quo makes them happy. And it keeps their houses cleaned too. Sheriff Mark Napier Pima county what pulls on my heartstrings. It's my deputies recover over one hundred bodies a year in the desert of my county alone, and that is a humanitarian crisis, and those are only the bodies that we find we have absolutely no idea. How many bodies are out there? My county alone in one year at least one hundred bodies, and those are just the ones they find their animal's out there, and they're buzzards, and they pick them clean. You've seen the old western movies and stuff like that. And then say, look, you know, we've got seventy thousand opioid overdose deaths in the drug overdose deaths in the United States in two thousand seventeen and the Democrats say, well, they're coming through the ports of entry. Oh, that's your response to seventy thousand deaths in the United States greater than the number killed in the Vietnam war fighting for freedom against communism against totalitarianism. And they say purchase. Venture you're a racist. And then you're done talking because they're idiots and morons. Here's the sheriff Pima county. He knows the thing about all this. It used to be that if we interdicted two ounces of methamphetamine or so that was that was pretty big Boston. The last couple of weeks. My deputies have done three seizures one fifteen pounds one of fourteen thousand one of ten pounds. We know that those drugs are not being cooked in Pima county, they're coming up from the southern border. And then they're being distributed all across the country. So if we can stop these things in my backyard, people don't die in other People's Front yards across the country. So this is a national emergency into suggest that it's not a crisis is to be disingenuous to the point of almost being dishonest with malice dishonest with malice I liked that phrasing. The reason I selected that sound bite because I enjoyed the phrasing of of that one. Now going on on Capitol Hill there is this hearing I think they probably broke for cocaine or a prostitute break or something like that. And they they're grilling William bar who. Who will or will not be the next attorney general of the United States? I think we're all growing quite tired of the process. The Democrats aren't they plan on exhausting the country, but their fanaticism and then having their way with us know what I mean like Roman Polanski and bar. So far this morning has said no the Muller investigation is not a witch hunt. No, I will not cut off funding to the Muller investigation. No, I will not interfere with the Muller investigation. No. The Muller investigation will be allowed to go forward. They're very concerned about the Muller investigation. So let's go to Giancarlo ABC news talked about it yesterday giancarl on Sunday. And then he's been back since then on Sunday on now. What was he on this week with a Clinton administration official with George Stephanopoulos? Talking about the Mueller investigation. How really the Democrats are going to be crestfallen. I did mention this yesterday. But giancarl we are now just I believe weeks away from getting a final report from Robert mall. So much speculation about what he's going to show. He's been looking into this whole range of issues, and I am led to believe by people who have interacted with the special counsel. That we should be prepared for him to release a report there's anti-climactic, oh, no not anti-climactic again anti-climactic, and then giancarl was on with his with his friends at the view at the view yesterday. Isn't that isn't that amazing where it came up again? And he's trying to comfort the left is at the view because they're insane. And say, hey, look, you know, Manafort was indicted on you know, he didn't register as a foreign agent representing Ukraine, and they had some banking chicanery ten years ago, and they got him then dated seventeen or some number of Russians who will never see their day in court because they're in Russia, and they're continuing to do what they do. So it was sort of a farcical window-dressing indictment of Russians that made something look good to somebody. And then let's see general Flynn. He was director of the DIA under Obama. Dan died at him. They threatened to put his son in jail. They bankrupted him. He had to sell his house. And they threaten them with prison. And then it was kind of a shrug. And I was like, well, there's really not much here. I guess he should have filled out some paperwork that said he was a foreign agent. But people do that Oliver Washington Podesta Tony Podesta should be on trial for that. If general Flynn is on trial for that. But the democrat Tony Podesta is not on trial for so he's trying to comfort the the women at the views hit there have been indictments that have nothing to do with Trump or the campaign or Russia and Ukraine and everything else. But but but be prepared for a letdown. Look, he's already done a lot. He's already gotten more indictments inner circle, his campaign chairman, sir dictated, his national security adviser, unrelated indicted, his personal lawyer rain. Thank you so much is already been there. But on the central question taxicabs hotels. Trump medallion putting his campaign coordinate or collude with the Russians in their effort to meddle in the twentieth. Sixteen campaign we have seen zero evidence of that. Oh, no zero evidence of that. I can't send zero all these years later,.

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