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Families earning under thirty thousand then seventy five thousand dollars by 2020 seven deborah it president trump is calling it minnesota's al franken al franken stein at a late night tweet mr trump says a photo showing the lawmaker apparently groping a radio show host is really bad frank and has apologized to lianne tweeting and says he welcomes an ethics investigation as sexual misconduct claims mount against alabama republican roy more i knew fox poll shows his democratic opponent doug jones leading the senate race by more than eight points senate majority leader mitch mcconnell among the republicans calling on more to drop out correspondent dean reynolds is in birmingham donald easy that throwing the talvitie really can't throw in the towel i mean it's getting too close to the actual election day and now with the continuing endorsement of the state republican party he is the candidate president trump through his spokeswoman says he'll leave it up to the voters in alabama to decide who their next senator should be two hundred ten thousand gallons of oil have leaked out a part of the keystone pipeline in rural south dakota brian walsh with the state department of environment and natural resources soil has not reached any surface water body and based on two occasions spill we do not believe it has impacted any drinking water systems or threatened any the pipelines owner transcanada says it's investigating the cause reagan leaders in nebraska are scheduled to announce their decision on expanding the pipeline monday fraught life comes to a halt at ohio state university the college has suspended all social activities related to greek life with eleven chapters under investigation for allegations involving hazing and alcohol violation some hoping this suspension won't be permanent be pretty of said for really you know one instance where you know i mean it's it's unavoidable s p futures down three this is cbs.

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