Lightfoot, City Hall, President Trump discussed on Chris Plante


Temporary nurses mayor Lightfoot reportedly wants to give set asides to give an edge up on business with the city to gay owned companies Lightfoot who is gay herself reportedly he feels that to gay owned companies have had a history of discrimination so this is an idea that she is proposing over at city hall we're learning more about the whistle blower complaint involving president trump the complaint at a whistleblower in the intelligence community filed about a quote promise the president made reportedly involves Ukraine this according to The Washington Post The New York Times the president spoke to that country's recently elected president in July house Democrats are already looking into that call to see if the president and his lawyer Rudy guiliani tried to get the Ukrainian government to help the president's reelection effort meanwhile the intelligence community inspector general says he's not authorized to hear specifics of the complaint with the house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff was pondering legal action Jerry both under washing out of resident trump is tweeting about this this morning he wrote the radical left Democrats in their fake news media partners headed up again by little Adam Schiff. are bad in the batting zero for twenty one against me they're at it again he says what he the conversation he had with a foreign leader was quote a perfectly fine and respectful conversation he said there was nothing said wrong it was pitch perfect that is the tweet this morning from president trump. in the Fulton the Riverton neighborhood earlier this week a woman was shot and wounded by an individual on a bicycle now police releasing video of that suspect in a local bike repair shop about a block away just before the shooting happened the twenty nine year old woman is recovering from her injuries and police believe that this was a targeted shooting WLS news time nine oh.

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