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Nutraceutical. Hey, why not we'll find out? That we will take your text as well at two one two three two two one two three two and integrated medicine is that what we're talking about today. Yeah. I wanted to do two things. The first thing was was to make an announcement and this'll be a little bit of a surprise. Well, I become a man in may of this year. Okay. We'll turn sixty five. Okay. I'd become old guy. Now, I've already done that. I don't wanna do that. Few months, they'd work out. Well, for me actually did work out. Well for you as it turned out. If you have a problem, it makes a whole lot of sense to happen. Just that red white and dance. Right. When you get the Medicare and your prescription drug plan and all that stuff and you get Dr Klein's by. Uh-huh. And you don't mix the prescriptions with the plans, you got your your Medicare addendum you come out smelling like a rose, even though you're hospital bills are in the million. Yeah. You did. Okay. That could have been the end of you, even if you I mean surviving could have been the worst sold me on her part so close, but in any event or two things I wanted to mention before we got into integrative medicine, which will be our ten minute chitchat or won't be quite ten minutes. But the first thing is this. Okay. Learn something this past week. And it's about something called my social security dot gov..

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