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And right now, we're talking about Serena Williams said eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety redeye which he says better than I do. I gotta be honest that way, let's go to Mark in Franklin Kentucky. You're on with Mark. Mark korea. Well, how how're you doing? Mark. I'm doing good. Hey, my thoughts on Serena Williams as she wasn't just called the judge, thief and a liar, but she told him he would never judge one of her matches against on my phone. She was threatening his job and his livelihood. And then with the whole sexist comment also trying to ruin his reputation, you know, she didn't show any class at all. We we have a clip you can we play that now Brian. She went on. This is outrageous. No. And I just feel like the fact that I have to go through this is this an example for the next person that has emotions and that one express themselves, and they want to be a strong woman, and they're going to be allowed to do that. Because today, maybe didn't work out for me. But it's going to work out for the next person. Sounds to me Mark like she's trying to justify her outbursts. Yes. I thought she she came off like a lot of hard generation vary in sports stars very entitled at entitlement attitude. I hardly watching watching. Sports anymore. Are you like me, then how you very little of it? So what did you watch? What did you watch in the past? Yeah. I used to watch football enjoy football. I don't watch football anymore. Plus a little bit of baseball and watch baseball anymore. So they're not. Yeah. It's a much or store. The high school sports now. Well, I was going to tell you that baseball seems mostly free. I'm not saying perfectly free. So I can watch the baseball game. And I don't usually get politics. In fact, I was really fortunate until Vince Kelly retired. I think he was on my side is a pretty conservative guy was no one that was like a refuge for me until these guys. How can you watch LeBron James or any of them? Now, if you know if if they're politics years ago, I used to say with Johnny Carson, you really I suspected he was liberal. But I've not from the tonight show if you remember, but I've politics was he attacked everybody nowadays, you know, where they stand and it's all over them. Yeah. I agree. I agree. Thanks for your call. I appreciate it Mark. And now, let's go to Adam in Colorado Springs. Atom you're on with Mark. I adam. Good morning, Mark. How're you doing? Good morning. I was going to say, you know, unfortunately, sadly, it's just the mentality of LAPD. I mean, if they if they can't win they attack in the can't be their fault, ever and even more. So if anybody in that field doesn't agree with them, then they become ostracized. And it's it's just really sad. I mean, Tiger Woods comes out and says something positive about Trump. Be rated, you know, it's it's just a it's just a sad thing. And like I said it, but if they lose it couldn't because of them or how they played. She's not amazing. But it's the fact that she lost. And you know, she has to take away everyone's spotlight from them and keep the focus on her one way or another. That's just a tactic, and sadly, the mentality of the less these days. So. You know, what you made me realize Adam that the main be the probably are people in sports who are are intimidated afraid to say something about their politics on the other side. Because as you said, you know, Tiger Woods says something, and he he's you know, they rail against it. So y- there are other people that are probably intimidated. I'll tell you something you don't know about me most likely, I'm a part time teacher, and they just the -ssume that everybody thinks the same way they have. No, you know, why they have no idea who I am. 'cause they never listened to her side. Know. Known in in certain parts of Los Angeles. At the least that I'm on national radio a lot and they've never heard beside can get away with being a teacher because they they they just don't listen to our Sunday. They're so strong in their belief that they're right. And they've got everything figured out. Well, let's all hope they would they don't listen to the radio show now 'cause they might get you out of your job because we all know most professors are going to be liberal, and they will ostracize you for the same things. You don't believe what they believe? It's it's I guess. It's really sad that that's mentality. I don't understand how why people just can't not play well or give someone the credit. That's credits. Do you gotta make it cry? I mean, adult I to me. It's just sad, unfortunately. But again, nothing can be their fault. It has to be somebody somebody else did that took their, you know, their soul from them. And this is really sad to see these days. But unfortunately, that seems to be just the way things go, and hopefully sooner or later things will change. But that's all we can pray for I guess. Yeah. Yeah. But winners used to be gracious right at the Letcher. Great play do the talking. You never heard from people. I before my time. Joe DiMaggio and people hear stories are quiet. He was they just went about their business. Never. I mentioned Willie Mays last night. I said what makes you a great hitter? He said, I don't know. I just go up there and hit none of the history history onyx and all the screaming and drama and yelling. I I don't. That's why you don't watch sports anymore. And I hardly do. Also, thanks so much for your call. Appreciate it. And let's go to Margaret in. San diego. Margaret in San Diego, you're on with Mark. Hi, been listening, and I followed Serena ever since she started playing because I played tennis for about forty years. And I I'd like to say that they keep missing the point of the third violation. The what the rest said what she was looking for coaching again, they even caught her on camera staring at her box. And I believe that was her original fence, not the fact, she said liar, and she and he was a but nobody's mentioning that. And the commentators after the match didn't mention that they right away went into that. He he he called a third foul because she was you know, yelling and calling him names. I'd like to also say that I've watched her like I said for many many years there was an incident at the French Open where she was defeated and she practically disdain to shake hands with the person that beater at Wimbledon twice two different years. She was losing. And all of a sudden had an injury that had to have an extended time out and every time something's happened to her. They've always rallied a group that's always rallied to support her, Billie. Jean King has Mary Carillo. Has in this particular thing Mary Jo Fernandez kind of backed her behavior they kind of rally around her. I think the commentators from the United States always think that you're definitely rooting may seem to focus on American players, and I'm an American, and I love Venus Williams, she's had the best department of anybody. I think and why didn't know that says her sisters little might be the classy one. Oh, I think Venus has always been terrifically plastic. I just wanna make sure everybody knows. We're not racist. I mean, but Serena's just been given this first of all she was given this great body and talent for the sport. I mean, the girl has so much power and she has worked hard to become good. But she's really had a lot of. I don't know what you'd call a cover up. But just you know, many times before she's a brat. Let's face it. She's. But I've always felt like I really one time. I think I said, but in Miami, I think she threw a racket or broker racket playing her sister. When she was when Venus was surging ahead. I don't know how many years ago that was you know, what you think? Thanks for your call made me think maybe he's a budding Hillary Clinton throwing lamps. I dunno since we thought maybe leftism has something to do with it. Let's go to Richard in Saint Louis. I think you might be on the other side. Hi, richard. You're on with Mark. Because how you doing? Oh, no. I'm doing great. There are a lot of comments. Serena's anger. She's a brat and all this stuff. But I don't seem to recall anybody say anything about Jimmy Connors. Rampage. I had been off every also of my odyssey outlasted people frigate up all of these moments. He's very people that have been listening until the about Billie Jean King. So I'm quite sure they see these other instances of out glasses from stars. You don't have the bring look on name name every African American. I don't have. Season. The game. But I know pitcher. If you're not recognize that other people are doing it. Also who happened to be mills I'm a mill. I'm not I'm not a. Heterosexual male. I look at all sports. I like all sports golf, tennis hockey football. The baseball. So sounds like. I know, but there are some rules. And there's some things that you know, they mentioned the coach violated this one. And then she violated the second one, and then the third one and by the way, I don't that's why I don't watch tennis. I never liked the outbursts from the people you are talking about. So you're wrong and saying no one mentioned anything. You're listening to the wrong people should be listening to Red Eye Radio. And I'm speaking that I'll take the rest of your calls when we get back. It's Mark Isler on Red Eye Radio. Open for.

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