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The health of him is much more important than him trying to come back in this series, red safe travels. If you get a chance you wanna tune in during the commercial break, the live, look and you'll see some sharpshooters here on the basket. Floor. I'll go out and put on a clinic. You said shoot hers health. You said shooter peripheral. Okay. My folly. Mclovin knocked down knockdown shooter. That's right. That's right. I forgot the love, and I apologize. You. Right. You do you all if Wayne thrower, my friend twelve to sixteen feet with nobody on him. And he does not miss. Thank you. Register always thank you for your support throughout the years. I appreciate it again. Congratulations. Well, deserved my friends Reggie Allah wishes Miller junior the third. I we'll come back. We'll close up shop a lot of people to thank it's a meet Friday. We had the traeger grill. All fired up. We have some more music, including a meet Friday song from our house band twiddle. We'll take a break, and we'll be back, right? After this on the Dan Patrick show. Have you checked out the big podcast with shack here at podcast one? Yeah, we talked basketball. But we're a lot more than just sports Magoo's Febres lady shoes to be in a seven. It's new everything about me, everything sports. And the thing she says, I love you podcast, and laughing all but I hate that job. Listen free to the big podcast with shack exclusively on apple podcasts podcast, one dot com, and the podcast one f- if you love the show share it with a friend and leave us a rating and review. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight me news headlines right after this podcast. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about.

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