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Pillage early from christian craft drury and you are listening to martin drinker only hurt media yes but again and hand and it clear and right now but you'd be be they got out bill of beer to i mean there's a lot of people they got their philip beer and wine come reese unfazed two thousand two thousand seventeen why would you kind of collaboration fast inside just without a it's right here at the national went through like the day grown year by year in jim throughout the game with catholic solution did so great that catch up with us in although thing to show with us tonight great comeback deep are very him through this is great beer i see is beard that charlie gotten caveat pinky been on the show five four five weeks you can in the season to the voice in the midst of the industry that is so fan has the it's always a pleasure that and we can all due defeated correct are tainted it's been and i'm not last great american defense with the braves here before that and the for routes before colorado of he'll be joining us right now feed pleasure to catch up with thanks so much things for things to be your best yeah listen you live lead duties he's been ride line with it off the bat any fan to be with the the st yeah nine yards it was like what he look into right here.

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