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I think they'll ladies tactic today Marc and this is not new but they now are going to. Offer government jobs to everybody who doesn't have a job, or something at fifteen dollars an hour I guess you just going to spend trillions of dollars handing people jobs that I guess. They don't have to show up like a no, show, job from the old. Mafia times is that what we're talking about is that is that what, they think is going to get people to vote for, them free money free John they're actually going so far in Chicago to test a pilot program guaranteed government income, for everyone how do you pay for it they gonna come up with the money with that Chicago's practically bankrupt it's it's new It's the Obama phone, of the Obama money people would wait in line to get free money they really thought Barack Obama was giving them out of. Their pocket out of his pocket he wasn't he was, increasing the debt by at least double in his eight years so I mean that's what you're looking at you're looking at. Stealing money maybe borrowing more money from China to make people go and vote isn't that really what they're doing trying to, buy votes, and and. What they don't recognize is that because of this president because of the leadership in in the. In the congress we now have? More jobs available unfilled then we have unemployed people for the first. Time in history Those? Are the kinds of statistics that the American people know they, see through the nonsense that's coming out of DC. And the New York media elite any reason why an analyst Larry Sabato would say that. It looks, like the house is going to go to the Democrats I don't see. It can't be, because of the stupid salacious. Crap with the lawyers and, and affairs whatever the other rumors are it can't be because of, the economy the economy is booming, and it's going great why on earth that anybody say let's shift gears here and let's stop having more money in our paychecks let's stop having, a good economy let's stop seeing America. Manufacturer stuff again why would somebody say that do you know I you know I don't know I. Mean there have been some fundraising numbers that have come out where some of our Republicans are, are Republican officeholders are not raising the money they need to be raising to defend themselves they cannot count on the president. The vice, president and the RNC to come bail them out if they don't do the basic things that every successful. Candidate must do but let's also remember that every single pundit. Out there pretty much guaranteed that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president of. The. United States so I don't? Put a lot of stock in those predictions or the polls this far out the American people. See through it last question it's Mark laudner Mark underscore lottery with Marc with a c on Twitter, I always appreciate the time. When when the Pfizer stuff was released. Yesterday or the day before are we on. The right doing a good enough, job letting people know how incredibly underhanded that entire thing was possibly illegal. I mean you were manufacturing document. To us as the reason to surveillance. Guy that happened to be? In Trump Tower Basically the surveilled Trump And you go back to renew the warrant by manufacturing more news by having the guy who wrote the original fake news do a news. Story in, Yahoo news I mean we're finding out that the, tire? Thing was manufactured right It was manufactured it was like a circular firing squad and they misled the FIS a, court and there was a great article from Mollie Hemingway in the federal that she's really exposes how this all went down and it confirms what we knew that. They used, false and misleading information secure wiretaps on an American citizen Stunning that's really just about all we need to know and. That's why the president says we've got. To drain the, swamp we've got to bring reforms back. To the FBI to the department Justice and why you see the American people. Are finally getting the full picture but they're not getting it from. The, mainstream media they've got to go out and search for that information themselves we'll keep on bringing. It to him. It's Mark laudner make sure you follow, him at MARTA underscore ladder l. o., t. t. e. r. former press secretary for Mike Pence also the former special assistant to the president Mark always a. Pleasure thanks great to be with your bags back after this on the.

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