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A two-day clean up. Because she knew that I wouldn't put up with her bullshit if she used she used heroin here and suck. I mean, I went out of my way yesterday to try and find this information for him. He promised me he would call me and now I don't know where he is, you know, which isn't fair to me. So something's got to give and I'm pretty sure that it's got to be Scott. You know, I say, I love him. I'm not so sure that I actually do love him as it's just a matter of convenience or just because he was the guy that everybody wanted and I finally got him but now it appears to me that like, nobody wants him and I got stuck with him. It's not fair. I'm not being fair to my other dude. Scratch not being fair to me. You know, it's a terrible triangle that I've got myself caught up in now and I think I just need to make it like two points of light and cut off them out. And I think I've already made up my mind. Now as far as the goat think I kind of intertwined him in here pretty good considering what a goofy picture it is and how long you know, if you're feeling suicidal call the suicide hotline 741-741 for text help and if you're just having a bad time and you know, you just don't know what to call 911 they can direct you to somebody or go to the hospital me. I don't know what I need to do. I'm not suicidal or homicidal. I'm just fucked up, you know and making stupid mistakes over and over again that I know. I know I know what the possibilities are and yet I still do it. So maybe I am the stupid one. Anyway, as far as my mental health goes I'm fucked right now. So telling you I'm just fucked up. So yeah, this is Dawn Serena. This is my podcast Gentleman by polar. Thank you all for listening and have a good night..

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