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An extensive kevin system which is similarly heated by the by the huge volcanic system down there in antarctica and that there is um submerged rivers that lead all the way up to the oceans so it's quite feasible of that um you know what the whistle blower save that's the gentleman's used b these submarines to be able to navigate under the antarctic ice to reach the joint kevin's um and basically build these bases and you can understand why operation highjump filed them and why these the germans felt that this lose the you know before the shangri allow it was impregnable 'cause you had like two to three miles of ice above you and um and and no one had those advanced submarines that the german had we have again by the name of uh robert felix wrote a book called not by fire but by ice michael he claims were in an ice age right now the cover his book is any metropolitan city in the united states or canada i covered with two feet of ice two feet of ice is that what happened that an article uh well antarctica at one point was ice free i mean i think that's what uh you know lean there's a land mass there right exactly and and so that landmass at one point one covered by i it within the more temperate re zaanun who's uh you know something before the from uh charles i putu has said about that if uh the antarctic ice sheets continue them out within.

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