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He had the gun to his neck He did not point the gun at officers We're not looking to shoot people on a daily basis We're not looking to go out and get in a situation where we have to resort to deadly physical force We train our officers in deescalation Commissioner gram aglia told ABC this morning the shooting was racially motivated The alleged gunman is white And the community where the supermarket is located is predominantly blocked Finland announced that it would seek NATO membership after Russia's invasion of Ukraine Sweden's governing party also endorsed the idea of applying the join the alliance Swedish prime minister magdalena Anderson Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is not only illegal and indefensible It also undermines the European security order that Sweden builds its security on It comes as Ukrainian military officials say Russian forces have withdrawn from its second largest city kharkiv The Biden administration today released a housing supply action plan meant to help create thousands of affordable housing units in the next three years Biden officials were reward jurisdictions that have reformed zoning and land use policies with higher scores when they apply for certain federal grants Lie from the Bloomberg interactive broker studios This global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts more than a 120 countries I'm Michael Barr this is Bloomberg dump all Michael Barr thanks so much Paul sweetie how the theaters doing Are we getting back to the movie habit I don't see it No I think what I've heard most recently is a tendency maybe 60 to 70% of pre-pandemic levels We'll see Top Gun coming out May 27th Reviews Shockingly This is potentially a catalyst to kind of get the theater going a little bit more But again I think it's going to take a long time But that's by the new kind of movie Yeah I think what we're hearing from the Hollywood studios is they still think that they're experienced is the way to go for the big tentpole type movies Action And maybe everything else You think about the streaming or streaming and the theater or something different So they have to figure that out And Top Gun will be a very very big test to see how far back the theater going I've seen I think I've glanced I should say it too quick reviews of it In their rave reviews Yeah my 90s and the old Rotten Tomatoes People saying it's the best things in action movies sliced bread This weekend I looked at an old negative of charade which is Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn Oh boy And I don't know why I would go to the movie theater the quality of the negative On the TV screen Thank you criterion Was just like I've never seen in my life Yeah So I don't get why people go other than popcorn and all that The whole community experience of a film there is that element to it But how strong is that element for different types of films That's what the theater operators and that's what the Hollywood studios are trying to They're still betting on it No question about it We're betting on a market churning here a little bit of red here SPX down 5 Dow down 57 points of VIC-20 eight point eight four is really something And it's interesting to see with all and there's been a lot of recalibration over the weekend of strategists to a more cautious view on the market and Bond people are just in shock We'll talk about that That's one of our themes here this week as well Paul strung in Tom keen please stay with us again The Dow and negative 70 This is Bloomberg good morning This is a Bloomberg progressive presents forest metaphors about bundling your home auto and other vehicles And hockey.

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