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Taking a look at KSFO traffic. This report is sponsored by Cal Hoped. Org and the Department of Health Care Services was a collision in Danville in the second line from the left Dortmund 6 80 Before Sycamore Valley Road. You're gonna hit the brakes Right around procaine and road in San Ramon in Oakland. There's a stall in the center lane eastbound 24 before the tunnel. And that's got you backed up to 51st Street. San Lorenzo. Better news there A crash has been cleared from the lanes over to the right hand shoulder 8 80 southbound after Lou Welling and in San Francisco for vehicle Crash also cleared north. Um 11 after 2 80 drive times from Concord to Antioch on eastbound four from 6 82. Hillcrest will take you about 42 minutes. His life returns to normal. Our worries have not disappeared, but evolved. Cal Hope offers free covid 19 emotional support. Call 18333174673 or live chat at Cal hope dot org today with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Grandma. Watch me jump in. Okay, I'm watching. Yeah. Did you see me? Whoa! That was amazing. What and show the people you love. Most are only a vaccine away. Virginians can now receive a free covid 19 vaccine. Is it vaccinate dot Virginia dot gov or call 18778 to 94682 brought to you by the Virginia Department of Health. Are you a class A CDL driver that is looking to go home every day. Are you looking for a new career that offers excellent benefits 41 K and a Costco membership hey, is up to $30.10 per hour and over time over eight hours, as well as Sunday premium pay look no further apply to Costco Wholesale online. Www dot Costco dot com slash jobs dot html for position in Monrovia, Maryland today..

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