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Nearly as excited should be for this segment, giving the content that were About bad idea. I'm sorry. I need to turn it up a notch. We're gonna talk about the NFL, and we're going to go to Chicago because rookie minicamp has now wrapped up for the weekend, and that means Justin Fields. Made his first appearance on the football field at Halas Hall, the Bears practice facility. This is Game day on ESPN radio Shane Jordan Cornett here with you were presented by progressive insurance and all guests join us on the Goodyear hotline. That's what we're going right now. Because we're going to talk to our dear friend David Caplan. He's the host on ESPN. 1000 the morning drive there in Chicago has got the pulse on all things Chicago sports related and has for the past. I don't know how many decades not to aid you, cap. I'm sorry. But Jordan I hosted with Captain We're in Chicago. So we have a very good relationship with him and capsule. I know you called me after the Bears drafted Justin Fields, and you told me this and I'm interested to see if this is still how you feel. Drafting Justin Fields was the biggest sports accomplishment in Chicago since the Cubs won the World Series in 2016. Do you still feel that way? Yes. And anyone that disagrees with it. I think they're out of their mind on. First of all, it is such an honor to be on with you guys. I told your great producer If it was Jordan calling, I'd be like, No, I'm hanging out this afternoon for Shay all in 100% Get in line, man. You would everybody that we work with at ESPN feels the same boy. Take that Jordan cap. It is It is interesting, but that kind of sets the table. For what? Justin Fields in this draft means to Chicago bear fandom and what it means to the franchise. I always laugh with Shane anytime the Bears are on national television. There's a mention within the first five minutes of the broadcast of Sid Luckman, and it speaks to the struggles of the Bears of the quarterback position since the 19 forties, So there's a lot of expectation coming in with fields. Just how thirsty is the fan base? For a guy like Justin Fields to come in and be good in a position that has failed the Bears for so long. Thirsty like Tom Hanks and cast away. I mean, it's literally insane. I'll tell you a quick story. There's a breakfast place by my house that I go eat at 34 times a week after I get off the air. I walk in there a couple weeks ago, and there's an older gentleman and two older ladies sitting at the table. Turns out it's this guy, his wife and her sister. I don't know who they are. I walk in and he turns to go take cap. Thanks for mentioning my dad on your show today. I said, Who's your dad? Good luck, then. Good luck, kid. That's the last time the Bears had a franchise quarterback, and he retired in 1956 or seven. That's how Awful. Quarterback play has been in this city, and that's why the drafting of Justin Fields. There's a really good article, the athletic wrote. Adam Johnson took you inside the room the day the deal was made, and it was incredible to read that they had all these calls out there, and they called Detroit of seven, and they called Carolina date. They called Denver at nine and Dallas 10. And nobody wanted to trade their pick for the Bears thought. Oh, boy, We're probably screw to get the kid we want. They have been lusting after Justin Field and All of a sudden out. Philly trades up with Dallas and the bear start. They've only got Jalen hurts. Oh, they're taking our guy. And when they took Devante Smith They went insane in the Chicago War room because they had already agreed to the deal with the Giants. And so they just had to make the phone call. Go. Okay, we're in and the giant said, Yep. Good to go. We'll make the deal and so they were able to land what they believe. Is gonna be the best quarterback in the history of the franchise. I mean, that's a lot to put on a guy who hasn't thrown a pass for the Chicago Bears yet, but good on you guys. You know, I root for the Bears because I'm married to a diehard bears fan native Chicago and I'm a native of Cincinnati but spent 15 years in Chicago. Some of Bangles guy, you know that cap it and I've seen Andy Dalton at his best, which is pretty good. And I've seen the rest of Andy Dalton, which is kind of what you saw in Dallas this past season, But you guys gave him $10 million before fields got drafted and that anti dog sat up there for the Chicago media said I can't wait to be the guy. So I ask you this just in field. You talk about him being the best bear best quarterback the Bears have ever had. Andy Dalton's. They're slated to be the number one Does Justin Fields start week one. And should he start week one. Um okay. Here's how I would answer that. I think that the Bears showed you tremendous communication that talk to Andy Dalton twice. The day of the draft once before the draft and once after the draft and reiterated him We're not handing this kid a job. You were coming in his number one on the depth chart, And I think if you look at the depth chart today, Nick Foles is number two. Justin Fields is number three, and that's how it should be. But they also have made it clear that if he goes to camp And much like with Russell Wilson was drafted the same offseason that the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a $37 million deal and he never started a game for them. If you beat this guy out, Justin, you're gonna play man. So come in, ready to go, and you know it's interesting. There's mats system comes from Andy Reid. It's the most complex offensive system in the National Football League. Alex Miss it. It took five years before I really felt like I had mastered every single part of it. And just it feels took an aptitude test. 6500 athletes and 2012 have taken this attitude that 6500 men, women, multiple sports. Just the field scored number one number one in attitude, so he feels like he's ready to go and his comments to the media of the day when they said You've never been here. Do you have any idea what it's like? Maybe the Bears quarterback and the pressure and he looked. He went. I went to Ohio State. I'm built for this. Yeah, that's good. Talking to David Kaplan of ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Jordan. I both worked with him in Chicago. Great. Really should be. Does the morning drive there? One of us has a better relationship with him and the other, But okay, that sounds weird. Why would you say that? Okay. Cap. Anyways, many mock drafts had the Bear's taking Kevin Jenkins and 20 before they decided to trade up the Giants and go And get Justin Fields. Instead, they still ended up getting Jenkins in the second round. Do you have any inkling of how he's looking the expectations for him?.

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