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But if you're going to go on living and breathing and talk and then have your tongue hit the lower teeth three thousand times a day every time you say syllable then you're gonNA have bar. So my question to use for the General Dentist Diagnosis Dream Planning. Some general dentists are saying, they're telling adults we'll do invis- line because the last invis- line trae is your permanent retainer, and if sent him shift around, you get another design trae where if you do fixed, you're gonNA need to cement a lingual bar around the bottom inside of the lower sixteenth. I hear that's what people are saying. What do you think of that advice from a General Dennis? So well, the first in for the first visit, the last invis- line trae, which is made out of like this by layer plastic you're the smart trek plastic it's certainly not GonNa, hold up I, mean you might get a month or two out of it. So if you're going to go with some kind of clear type retainer, you're probably better off to use something like Rivera which you the patient gets four sets of them because the the plastic fatigue. So I I don't I don't advocate using that lasts trae because it's just it's you. In, two months you're you're just kicking, the can down the road and the patients gonNA come back and say my my trae broke. What am I supposed to do now having said that you know the teeth, the fundamentally the teeth don't know the difference whether they being pushed around with brackets and wires or whether they're being pushed around with clear liners. So from a philosophical standpoint, the retention protocol should not be any different whether you're treating patient with braces or the treating patients with invis-. Liner clear liners. So then you have option we I give the patient that option they can get a fixed retainer. Or they can get a removable retainer. Both have their pros and cons with a there that that's an. Though Project Veritas and design product you would scana the patient's teeth rotor if the last stage and they send you four sets of really nice durable material that maybe each one can last anywhere between a year and two years depending on much the patients boxing. But at least they give the gives that patient some some time you know to with the retainers as far as a fixed retainer, listen this pros and cons to both fixed retainers a great until they break when you're on the Caribbean on vacation and you can find an orthodontist though the. Patients come in and they ask for a permanent retainer and we never qualify because he's you know he's fail and the wires eventually fatigue anytime you put a rigid element next to mobile teeth something's going to break and it's usually neither the he's over the wire. So the fix retainers and then is also the hygiene issues with flopping in Calculus buildup and all that kind of stuff. So the fixed retainers have their pros and cons and the removable retainers are great until Fido eats it. or Johnny loses it and then the people say what retainer, how you never give me a retainer well, I I need to go I. Need to go back to Clinton point because you said it, they're not that great I was I had Benjamin bursts on the show years ago and he was a Meister lives out in Fayetteville Arkansas and he's out there in Arkansas and I think it's insane when they they have to go to the orthodontist. He takes everything off and they come to my office. We do the cleaning. Then they got to go back to the US and that's a doctor focused system and said, that's crazy we're going. To have our own hygienists and he hired hygienists and that's one stop shop I mean, and it's the business model look implants. The number one implant. Biz model is we're going to get the the surgeon and the process on us and the lab guy. We're GONNA, put them all in one room and that's clear choice and they're selling a was something like i. mean it's crazy number of total arches a year. Every the fastest growing business model and my backyard for your department is when a pediatric dentists and orthodontist go in together because you know everybody any mom who's got it together to take your kid to a pediatric dentist is GonNa ask this little johnny need braces and she's right there and then I thought absolutely and I WANNA remind everybody I want to remind his that I'm not here to be your friend. You know when when you go to your GRANDPA and he tells you, you know going through life drunk is not a good idea or what is that a dumb and dumber movie where he says that going through life dumb fat and drunk but I'm GonNa tell you actually was an animal house. Chateauroux could stupid is no way to go through life son is something like that right wermer. Yeah going yeah. I. Want that cal can you find me that quote and? but anyway. I just want to remind you that that I'm always gonNA, call you on your shed and they the only reason Dennis make the big bucks is because nine thousand, nine, hundred, one hundred years one hundred, twenty years ago. The new political party, the Democrats Republicans have been in control since the civil war to this day, they got a lot of money from a lot of doctors and they in one year they closed down ninety percent of all the med schools then schools in lights and doctors and set up fifty state board said, we're GONNA license school. We're going to license a doctor and we're going to get rid of all the all this crap. Okay. So that was good for quality control and it got rid of. All the competition and that's why you make the big bucks but were there's poor people like in Phoenix Arizona were like I'm across from Guadeloupe invasion twenty, five, five, thousand. Yawkey. Indians twenty, thousand illegal. We're supposed to call them illegal Mexicans when we stole the land from them at gunpoint and so if they're living on the land, we stole the gun point. Now they're an illegal and every time there's not one dennis in that area and every time a license tennis Mexico or Molar City down in Yuma. Which you cross the wall Yuma Arizona Moeller city. There's more dentists in that square mile density than any place in the world and Americans are going down there. To cheaper. But when that Mexican Dennis comes in Guadeloupe and search doing dentistry for the poor and then they charge like twenty dollars a filling. The government will send a policeman to arrest him and kidnap him and put him in a cage, deport him and and so. I as a registered Libertarian, I've never bought into the Democrat Bullshit Binary Star highway to hell race to the bottom I won the bank won drove the getaway car and neither of them impressed me on what made America Great, which was five hundred years of immigration and the greatest minds voted with their feet left wherever the hell they were and came here and I don't I would I think that the dental licensor should say oh well. You are a licensed Dennis and my Gosh. Berry Glazer he went to these universities. He certified the schools are a he's a licensed Dennis New York. Okay. That's great. But where did you go off saying that the unlicensed dentists who just moved here from Italy who went to school? When I got to Arizona War, it just got out and a lot of people got the hell out of Germany specifically the Jewish you go down Australia, all the big labs, Ruth Port Lavatory. These were all Jewish Germans they got the hell out and this woman came here and came to the country from mercedes-benz to the land of Chrysler and they they didn't honor her dental diploma from Germany. Are you kidding me thirty one graduating class from a Jewish private school in in? Europe that was made everything possible for everything you buy best buy I mean from Faraday to Murray burried Albert Einstein. Germany was the smartest country in the world and they wouldn't honor her license. So she could only own dental.

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