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In brockton cupcakes. Dom tom bakery brockton cupcakes chocolate vanilla strawberry the best cupcake you ever had brockton cupcake. They know what they're doing. One thing i can't stand one thing i can't emma. I'll take over here on my brother hank. He can't stand people that don't know what they're doing. When it comes back cupcake any fool fool can screw a cupcake up what it takes a real artist to make a brockton cupcake brockton cupcakes they make them raisin cupcakes two yeah they make it all like donuts no do i like coolers. No cake no pie. I despise it cupcakes man. That's where i live and that's where i'll make my stand and that's where i'll die by brother will fall on a sword a cook cook sword in brockton cupcakes rock. Does cupcakes are in downtown swizzle wait. When are you going to get the back of your neck active fixed or whatever is making you. It's cupcake not cupcake raw foods food cupcakes. <hes> it's just a mcelroy on <hes>. I'm going to be doing so in the play by play if it ever does get on the air of the bill maher academy <hes> slaughterhouse this coming fall along with jack. I gagged her and everything well anyway. One of the ways that you'll be able to hear <hes> belmar academy football games is if do you have bass stage past the phil hendrie show website. That's the only way you're going to be able to hear the football games because you have to have a stage pass okay and you have again at full henry show dot com. It's show dot com. You're gonna subscription for a year or guess ascriptin for a month or guess description for like two years or three or i guess ten years. If you want you should set a record. That'd be really cool. Why don't you set a record. The longest description the filling ratio a website like twenty years you know and everything you know oh so anyway go still show dot com.

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