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After surgery. It's to thirty-one CBS news update. Another restrictive abortion, Bill in another state. CBS's Elaine Quixote has more house passed a Bill Wednesday, restricting abortions, the Bill which passed in a seventy nine to twenty three boat would ban abortions wants a fetal. Heartbeat is detected which can be as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. The Bill also leaves no exception for rape, or incest, doctors, who violate the law could lose their medical license and face up to two years in prison. The Bill is now headed to democratic governor John Bel Edwards desk, where it is expected to be signed before passage, it was conservative versus liberals in the state legislature. Republican state Representative Valarie Hodges in Louisiana. We have a culture of love of life. Love a family in love of God. Nothing is more precious to any of us than the heartbeat. Louisiana, joins four other states that have also passed new bands on abortion, CBS news update, how Matt piper WBZ news time to thirty to the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood. Ration- of America says Missouri governor Mike Parsons explanation of why the state's only abortion clinic might be forced to close is not based on medicine facts or reality. The Republican governor said the state will not renew planned Parenthood's licensed to perform abortions, unless it's Saint Louis clinic, fixes issues, raised by the department of health and senior services, the license is set to expire on Friday. Planned Parenthood, the health department and parson have all declined to outline what those alleged deficiencies are a day after the Illinois house passed the abortion Bill men from the Illinois, general assembly stood to support women's reproductive rights, and to urge the Senate to pass the Bill known as the reproductive health act, Illinois state, Representative Lamont Robinson, who does to Representative Kelly Cassidy for the extremely hard work that she did on this Bill and sharing her personal story. This Bill will save lives. That's extremely important. This Bill will save lives. Meantime, lawmakers from abortion, restrictive. Missouri and Georgia came to Springfield and supportive, RHA, which has yet to receive a Senate vote new hoops to jump through and higher fees for F O, ID cards have passed the house supports state Representative Cam Buckner, says this isn't over maybe mental health awareness month. We can pass all the Q resolutions that we want, and the we think that a prohibitive fee increases, and fingerprints alone are going to make a safer than we are the ones who are crazy and debate between Representative DeAnne Masaki and sponsoring Representative Kathleen, Willis now I'm asking you about Hayes and Davis in the NADA. Constitutional lawyer, you can. You think about these Hayes. You're not gonna answer constitutional questions. Big sticking point for Republicans fingerprinting at the capital. Dave doll, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM, the first batch of bioengineered fish eggs, due to arrive at an indoor fish farm in Albany, Indiana. And next year, the country's first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption, by the FDA will be available. Biotech, firm, aqua, bounty technologies altered, the genetic makeup of Atlantic. Salmon crossing it with Chinook salmon, and an elec- species called the ocean pout to produce a fish that grows to market size in half the normal time, ten pounds in sixteen to eighteen months. Critics call them Franken fish in the Tribune reports some are pressuring retailers, not to sell them. The FDA says the salmon, or as safety eat has conventional salmon the company sells the fish in Canada without labels which will be required here, but not until twenty twenty two Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one boy. Point nine FM. Ibm news time to thirty four for the second year in a row, a popular canoe and kayak race is being canceled in the western suburbs. The bulging and fast, moving FOX rivers to blame for the cancellation of the mid American canoe kayak race according to the FOX valley park district. The FOX river is moving about two and a half times faster than would be safe enough to hold the race. The purchase marketing director says most of the three hundred people who've signed up or more recreational canoeists and kayakers, and that a swollen fast river is nothing to mess around with Bernie foyer, NewsRadio one point nine FM, eight companies, including three m DuPont are being sued by New Hampshire, there alleged to have caused statewide damage with a class of potentially toxic chemicals found in everything from pizza boxes to fast food wrappers, you'll have to join the growing number of states going after the makers and distributors of PFA's and they're the first to target statewide contamination. Those two lawsuits filed accused some of the companies of knowing. Potential dangers. For decades scientific studies have linked high levels of PF, as to a range of illnesses, including kidney, cancer and pregnancy difficulties. One man, a shock from his apple tablet. Probably heard about a bug in a computer but a bat in an ipad. A New Hampshire man. Got quite a surprise when a bat wedged between the device in its cover bit his finger, Royce. Iverson said it felt like a beast eating at first. When he realized it was a bat he pressed down on the cover to keep it from flying away. It turned out the bat was rabid, so the eighty six year old went to the hospital for treatment when asked how the.

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