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My question is this i'll go to you matthew hunter henry cotton absurd number of touchdowns relative to his number of catches last year blues eight touchdowns on just thirty six catches for more than twenty percent of his catches found the zone that part is not sustainable does that mean that you are in turn bind the idea that his target share picks up significantly this year uh i don't know that i would use the word significantly but i certainly have him uh getting more targets this year and we've talked about this before on the show gan both mike and i had a conversation with a chargers offense of assistant in indianapolis at the combine we're we're talking about hunter henry's break out and and the assistant said to us like honestly we were forcefeeding antonio gets the ball right that hunter henry should if we running the offense correctly hundren rassud had twelve touchdowns last year easy the promises we literally was trying to forcefeed antonio gets the ball to try to get him the record now that he has tied tony gonzalez for the most touchdowns by a tight end he'll break the record at some point this year just whenever it happens bore no longer going to do that hunter henry's the real deal and he has phillips trust in the red zone which i can't under i can't overemphasize enough how important that is right of later that quarterback so phil brewers as always utilize the tight and obviously it's been antonio gates all the time but he is utilize the tide in in the end zone and the red zone significantly throughout his career i don't see that changing especially given the success that hunter henry had last year are all matt dolan just great stuff not just on the nfl from profanity front data very instructive territorial about hunter henry during the fantasy summit all the way back in may he is super bullish on hunter henry from his skillset standpoint in a utilization standpoint.

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