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Each had been shot through the eye. The bodies were slumped on the ground in the bedroom. And the walls were lined with ten antique coffins after three decades of rape, and incest, Marcus wasn't rain, as a cult leader was over the murder was described by the mayor of Fresno as the worst mass killing in the city's history at trial, Marcus west public defenders presented the defense that his twenty five year old daughter Sabrina, who's one year old son. Marsha, who was lessons own son, and grandson was killed as well had herself committed the murders. And then subsequently committed suicide, the murder weapon a twenty two caliber handgun was found with her body and Sabrina DNA was also found on the weapon, while it was plausible that wasn't himself did not fire the fatal shots. The jury. Found him guilty. Presumably concluding that he was responsible for the deaths having brainwashed his family into entering into a suicide pact. Marcus Wesson was convicted of nine counts of first degree murder on June. Seventeenth two thousand five and fourteen counts of forcible rape, and the sexual molestation of seven of his daughters, and nieces and was sentenced to death. However, in March of twenty nineteen governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order, halting executions in California, while he is in office. So for now Marcus Wesson remain safe in San Quentin prison. This has been murder minute for true crime, anytime. Download the murder minute app or follow us on Instagram at murder minute.

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