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State worked in the company you since it started We've seen a lot of terrible things there. Amy Price is getting the vaccine gives her hope for the first time in quite a while. Washington State is expected to get more than 200,000 doses by the end of December, but it takes two doses per person to be fully effective. Governor Jay Inslee, out with a package of proposals, he says, will confront climate change combos Charlie Harder has the story initially says This is the issue of our lifetime, saying the wildfire is and smoke this summer are a preview of what's to come if no changes are made. The Climate Commitment Act puts a price on carbon and caps carbon emissions, among other policies Series of measures by attacking carbon pollution. We will honor all of those basic values of the state of Washington. Including growing our economy, big time. Across the state of Washington. Opponents say they have concerns pointing to a $427 million price tag. The proposals will be considered by the state legislature when they go back into session next month. Charlie. Harder come. Oh news online Vaping companies caught selling to minors in Washington are in trouble with the state Attorney General come. Oh Soo Romero reports the ages office investigated 148 online Vaping companies and found seven in violation of the state's age verification law, including failing to state on their websites that Vape products can only be bought by people aged 21 over Assistant A Jie Brendan Selby says One of those seven companies is based in Spokane. They actually agreed to cease All operations in Washington, so they're no longer selling into Washington State and do not plan to do so in the future. Five of the companies agreed to pay $132,000 in fines and comply with state law to others could face lawsuits by the attorney General C. Romero. Camo news. We're now told a second shot was fired as two groups of protesters clashed in Olympia on Saturday, the latest from comas Bill O'Neill. The Washington State Patrol says that second shot was fired shortly after the first one is two groups clashed in the area of the capital campus. Investigators say the second shot came from the opposite group of the first shooter. The first shot left one person hurt. Several arrests were made and a number of officers were injured. No one was hurt by the second shot. The State patrol is now trying to identify who fired it. Colonial camo news Police are investigating what's described as an officer involved shooting in Bonney Lake. We don't have much in the way of details right now, other than it happened near the Fred Meyer there, and we're told the officer who was involved is okay and the suspect is still on the loose. Come on. It's time for 34 Come on Traffic.

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