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In January of nineteen sixty nine Tammy Wynette stand by your man was our fourth studio album its title track topped the country singles chart her fifth single to do so it proved to be our most successful song and one of those recorded songs and all of country music it said the song only took fifteen minutes to write in line it was criticized by people who claim the lyrics were anti feminist the name is staying before staying was staying he was Gordon Matthew Thomas summer my teacher in northeast England I love jazz playing jazz bands on nights and weekends and breaks from school one night he wore a black and yellow striped sweater that is bandleader thought made him look like a bee and he was staying from that point on the story although his name by birth actually his friends prince Rogers Nelson actually it's not what you would consider a normal name for someone born in Minnesota sorted princes name come from his father was a pianist and songwriter who went by the stage name prince Rogers and play in a band called the prince Rogers trio so is father named him France because he wanted the young prince do everything his father wanted to do twelve thirty eight starting out in San Francisco traffic with your dress about half an hour ago we got a report of a lot of paper debris that had been dropped right at the beginning of the bay bridge on the lower deck eastbound leaving San Francisco until then there hadn't been much of a back up and now there is no longer any debris there however we have traffic that slow from near two eighty on one a one northbound tried to get on to the lower deck in the two eighty extension has begun to back up to before six the slowest traffic around though is still to be found westbound on that eighty heading for a backup builder Fairfield past five oh five at Alamo they've got road work in the center divider were backed up beyond leisure town road in the west bound it direction and that we're still slow in the North Bay on the one a one ride for Petaluma let's go back to the chilled not a body collision Kaman Bob prior I'm looking at over five miles of mostly quite slow traffic on northbound highway one a one starting around San Antonio road does not really pick up full speed to repress east Washington and we're picking up our first South Bay delays for one a one this afternoon and it's going to be sluggish traffic from just before two thirty seven on one a one southbound sluggish down to fair oaks then slow again after the Lawrence expressway down to Santa mas next update twelve thirty eight traffic leader KCBS with a lot of sunshine around the bay area a few extra clouds showing up near the coast temperatures today sixties to low nineties more of the same.

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