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For the first time since June. New clusters traced to nine zip coats. If the schools are not safe, I'm not going to allow them to operate period, the city ready to close schools as early as next week. If that number stays above 3% ABC is Eva Pilgrim filing That report tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of a Boy scout being killed by a drunk driver on Long Island. The case could be finalized by this time on Wednesday. Andrew McMorris, his father, John hopes the legal proceedings certainly can finally end. We pray that tomorrow turns out to be a positive one. So that we can begin to heal. Judge is expected to rule over a potential juror misconduct. After Thomas Murphy was found guilty of vehicular homicide. He plowed into a boy scared troop after spending the day drinking at the golf course, killing 12 year old Andrew Murphy's attorney maintains the jurors discussed the case when they weren't supposed to have told reporters he doesn't expect the conviction to be overturned. Disturbing messages are popping up in one New Rochelle neighborhood, many of them appearing on to have a black lives matter. Signs. Liz Warner reports. Rochelle Heights, residents say they first started seeing stickers that red white power and white lives matter. Posted on signs and utility poles, lampposts and mailboxes. The neighborhood is known to be a tight knit and diverse community, with residents calling the stickers messages atrocious. Neighbors have reported seeing between 40 and 50 white supremacy messages with a Web address to a hate group. The Rochelle Police are investigating. Liz Warner Wooo are new, sponsored by National Realty learned the insider method of obtaining 18 to 21% targeted returns on prime building locations..

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