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An ipad okay all right you got your pad out you ready to roll who you get iraq cable from the xfinity it okay good i don't watch you're a youtube glass again check out out once they i need a cisco an ebert evaluation of what one from you this week why am i doing his those i i dunno i pretend possibly lost my mind knock writer than new here tonight joan arc hanging out on cbs sports radio half an hour to play i will get joe scott and dan and that's a promise like daddy two eight five five two one two for cbs but the bottom of the hour we gotta cbs sports update with the burma nader sports flash fled could to hear from jose haven't heard from him in a while top of the seventh inning pirates lead the raise sixty two josh bell as all rudd his fifteenth of the season top of the eighthinning in dc nationals leave the cubs eight two four rizzo contrarius murphy weaders had rent tone of all hit home runs for their respective sides blue jays have rahman's for batista and small for smoke is twentyfirst toronto leads baltimore in the ninth inning four to nothing eighthinning royals in front of the tigers 62 like stock and since twentieth reds lead the brewers in the a3 to also in the eighth met up on the marlins six two nothing curtis granderson asdrubal cabrera have home runs twins have max keppel bomb its four to nothing twins over the red sox in the seventh boston bottom seven indians leave the rangers three two one meanwhile bottom three astor's in front of the athletics eight two five george springer as a home run his twenty four th chris davis has to for the athletics he now is twenty one on this season yankees lead the white sox in the fourth three to nothing couple of finals phillies five over the mariners and the giants beat the rockies five two threes still the coun cardinals a diamondbacks in arizona dodgers angels from anaheim at a brazen padres from san diego the clippers of trained chris part of the right rockets for patrick beverley lou williams samdech her the first round draft pick next summer phil jackson is out as next president with two years left on his contract those two years equal twenty four million dollars next owner james dolan is targeting toronto president masai jiri jay berman i can't believe he's still bring your mic to the baseball game brown and stand the eastern cbs sports radio oh.

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