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UPS and JC Penney are joining a whole lot of other companies looking to hire workers in southern California for the holiday season. Earlier target Kohl's the gap in even some e commerce companies announced they'd be looking for workers now UPS and JC. Penney. Say they'll be looking to fill a total of thirteen thousand seasonal positions. JC penny is even hosting a national hiring day on October sixteenth. But some experts say there may not be enough people to fill the jobs saying there are more openings than applicants. California's unemployment rate is at four point two percent. Karen Adams, Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio. Can you? Remember the last time we had a good rainstorm here in L A. If you can't here's the reason why rainfall during the previous year on record was weighed down ten point two inches of rainfall below normal. Yeah. Well, this was our third riots. Water you're downtown Los Angeles since records began in eighteen seventy seven meteorologist Kirk Kaplan with the national weather service. He says it's been a trend that six of seven of the previous years have also been fairly dry. There's gonna couple where we would be above but pretty much we've seen trend of drier seasons. You know, it's been getting warmer to a good rainfall year in L A is fourteen point nine three inches. The last rainfall year that's recorded was just four point seven two inches far below normal by ten inches in Los Angeles. Craig Victor, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio the California State University system could be preparing to rid itself of the SAT and ACT standard. Sized tests. Cal State chancellor Timothy white announced they are evaluating the effectiveness of using the tests for admissions and promises a decision soon. Elroy Ortiz Oakley is chancellor of California's community colleges and UC region. And he tells KNX there are several better tools available for admitting college freshman much more data available for students coming to school than we did five ten fifteen years ago, we have much better science that helps us understand. What are the best predictors of college success all those measures are being looked at incorporated by admissions offices throughout our California Public university? So it is it is a growing trend ended his all across the country a growing trend. Oakley says you see an Cal State schools have already begun to reduce the importance of SAT and ACT scores in the admissions process. Nasa says appropriate launched into deep space more than forty years ago has now approaching the edge of the solar system. Now, it knows that because Voyager two is still sending back data to JPL and its latest readings indicate that it's about to head into interstellar space during its active mission it flew past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. It's sister craft Voyager one entered interstellar space six years ago because its flight path was shorter. It's six twenty time to check your money with Gina Cervetti, preppy clothing. Retailer J crew in the midst of a recovery has another trick up its sleeve, a new brand CEO. Jim Brent spoke with Bloomberg TV it is aimed at women, and it's younger than any of our existing brands Brent declined to provide further details, but said the new brand would be out this year. J crew has been working to bounce back after years of lackluster sales. But it's turnaround strategy is getting results. We're definitely seeing an increase in new customers as well as reactivated customers. So people that have left the brands and are coming back to her the company posted positive comparable sales, two straight quarters. Thanks in large part to it's made well brand for the namesake. J crew labeled the relaunch emphasizes inclusiveness with an extended range of clothing sizes. The turnaround strategy faces headwinds from the US China trade war, but the retailer does not expect to raise prices as. Result. We check your money at twenty and fifty after each hour. I'm Bloomberg's Gina Cervetti for KNX. Ten seventy NewsRadio. Coming up are too many antibiotics being prescribed by doctors six twenty one. Right. We work hard.

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