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Right? You can have chicken. Salad. A salad with meat. Together. Separate lanes. Yeah. Understood candy at the end of the day. These are all lanes. But in terms of turning one into another, let's not turn meat and or roughage into a candy. This is just not appropriate. Now let me ask you this. Is Russell Wilson becoming the Caesar salad candy cane. Football players. Yes. That's dangerous. It's dangerous. That's the danger which if there's a Caesar salad candy candy in that danger witch sandwich. That's why she's chewing so damn hard. Exactly. Caesar salad candy cane nation let's not waste. There's a bunch of people, by the way, who are not to call in. That's fine. I'm ready to take their phone calls. Tell us some guys. What's the matter with you? Have it in your salad? Have it in a bowl, don't hang it on a tree, for Jill of Jewish kid to come over and grab that guy right now. Come on. By the way, I do have sorry. If you don't mind, it's just speaking of Russ. You know, obviously he's on he's on a course right now that, like we said, none of us saw coming. I didn't see. Last time I was here, it was like, I was legit sad. 'cause it was also Bobby Wagner on the same day. Oh man, that was a tough day. Yes. But I think that the whole let's ride kind of slogan is probably it's time to mix it up. Yes. So I've come up with a few replacements. Do you need, I feel like Letterman, do you need music for this? I would love music, rich. The problem is too busy on France taking a two one lead on Australia, which is great for Brock Lesnar. I now need to mop out score. Which is something I don't condone. Because you please give me some of that phrase. Some music. I'm not sure I was talking about my brother in law, dirty, the white rapper last time.

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