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We're I say, I'm southern Baptist I suppose. Yeah. We go to southern Baptist church now. Southern Baptist university, southern Baptist youth minister, but I was raised church. Kreis? Oh, I am the scandalous black sheep of the family. Yes. You go to a church where there's an Oregon. I know it is a problem voice. It took a while for that side of the family to forgive me for sure sure John well in Abilene ACC, no link Christian university the church of Christ. Right. And then they got one in Arkansas. What is theirs Lubbock Christian in Lubbock? I don't know about the Arkansas there's one in Arkansas. I can't remember it. Anyway, I get distracted. John Cabot is our guest. He's the CEO of covenant testing technologies. And this number things I want to get to. But what what was the Taco Bell connection because that's what interest in this Houston business journal profile on you. So I graduated from college thinking I wanted to go into medical school. You heard that is you know, EMT and did that kind of stuff. And then I realized that I wasn't going to be a very good doctor and either one smart enough or didn't have a good enough attention span so ended up with a science degree and didn't know what to do with it. And so my brother who worked at Taco Bell at the time managing several restaurants. Got me a job and Surat here in Houston. I I ran a couple of taco bells. And and I'll I liked it. I probably enjoyed I enjoy the people. I I enjoyed the chaos, and it definitely was not a sustainable career for my opinion. But, but it taught me this the value of of just all types of people the kind of folks that work in Taco Bell and some of the referee neighborhoods of Houston or not the kind of folks that I've normally. Been raised with and worked with. So I, you know, I I learned a lot from it. I was told by a guy that owns some taco bills years ago that one of the things that may Taco Bell. So different was that their food is not fried per se, but it's warmed over water kind of steamed. Yeah, that's true the food arrives. And they steam the food rather than cooking it per se. Yeah. It's it's precooked in. I mean, it's already cooked by the time. We get we got it there. And we just hated it up. Yeah. Do you still eat at Taco Bell? I have one right next to my house, and I have not been to that Taco Bell. We're likely to eat at a Taco Bell having run them. No wouldn't say. So I just think that my waistline has gotten too big for me to justify eating there. But no, the the Mexican pizza at the Taco Bell is still my best friend. I just don't get too. Busy order. Absolutely. I was three bean burritos. No onions and a water which I could get for a dollar ninety two. And so with two bucks, I could eat a full meal, and if you can't you do that. And you put some of the hot sauce on the three bean burritos. You're good to go for a while. Yeah. And you're you're good to go to the restroom a little while to. So that's that's good for that that there was a NBA player couple years ago. You know, there's always some twenty two year old that runs a Twitter account for comfort for big franchises like this. And he said I just got back from Taco Bell made a late night run and the little Twitter girl says, oh, what'd you get? In response. Diarrhea? Catch it till the next morning before by that town screen shots everywhere. So take me from Taco Bell to you get this first job in the oil patch. I guess technically in the bachelor you're starting to learn what exactly was the service well testing. Yes. So we're kind the midwives of the oil and gas business, so they go, and they frac it, and you know, they drill the well. And they go in fracking, and and were were there to kind of manage the PLO during the frac. And then when it also when it goes into its first days of production. And so we're we may be there anywhere from two weeks two to three months on location to kind of get that well producing for for the long term. So like, I said, we're the midwives, and we we we put acquitted we put people out there, and we're on we're Kevin. And we're on five hundred locations today and lots of guys run around pick us, we drive about fifty two hundred thousand miles. Miles a day. And and you know, taking care of these wells for our customers. How do you price your service? It's by the day. So, you know, the assets have a cost in, you know, spent millions of dollars on asset. So we're we're looking for kind of return from that. So that kinda that depends on the piece of quitting that. But that drives the price. And of course, it's mainly the people because it's though we do have a quip -ment. It's really a people business. So most of the a daily cost for the equipment and the people, and we just charge it to the customer by day. Do you own the? Yeah, we own it as a as a company. Sure. Yeah. Yeah, we own. So, you know, it's it's tens of thousands of assets out there in about a thousand pickups. So what's the primary asset you provide? What? So it's a it's a test separator that separates out the oil gas in water. And so there's that it's on it's a big tank and it's on a skit or on a trailer. So that goes out there, and that's probably the most expensive piece we have, and then there's also solids management like sand separators, and that's a that's also it's a it's sort of a tank that that separates out the the solids from it. And of course, all the piping that goes with it. You know, we've got miles and miles of popping it's high pressure and so on any given location. There's a few hundred pieces of equipment. But, but that's you know, that's that's mainly. What makes up the assets? Where do you spend the bulk of your day? What what what is the function that you spend the bulk of your day on people number one? Usually, it's usually it's some kind of problem occasionally get to work on exciting stuff. Yeah. We we we just moved into new offices Sugarland. So I saw that y'all went from ten thousand square. Feet to seventeen five in inside. I'm arranging furniture today. That was exciting for me because that's something. I'm probably qualified to do actually. And that have a corner office..

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