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To news that the Lordstown Ohio. General Motors plant is among those that we'll be idled with thousands of layoffs. Icy winds office says after he's sworn in as governor and John Huston Lieutenant governor they will visit the Detroit auto show in January and make their case in person GM about the future of the Lordstown plant dewine calls the workers their second to none winds office is not being specific about whether they will offer any incentives of any kind in an effort to persuade GM executives to reverse the decision to idle the plant beginning March first at the state house cheer at Allie. Newsradio seven hundred wwl w Ohio. Senator Sherrod Brown. Calls it shameful and corporate greed as at its worst following the GOP corporate tax cut Bill from just last year. Senator. Rob Portman also issuing a statement critical of GM. The automaker says it is leading more than fourteen thousand workers go next year, both white collar and factory employees. Most of the affected factories built cars that won't be sold in the US after next year. Now, the latest traffic and weather together from the UC health traffic center at UC health. Our research gives patients hope take part in a clinical trial by visiting UC health dot com. Backslash research that accident nor seventy five at the Brent Spence cleared, but you're heavy back to buttermilk also eight mile remains closed between hopper and Woodruff and cross point due to that overturned dump truck. It's slow pretty much everywhere. You're going right now. Some of the heavier spots include south or on the southern portion of the loop. You're heavy for Mineola pike over to the AA. Southbound four seventy one is pretty slow from top to bottom, nor seventy-five very heavy for Mitchell past paddock. And then once you reach the top of the Lachlan split your heavy up to union center, and it's heavy across the top of two seventy five in both directions as well. Drive safely. And slowly. And be careful. I'm rob Williams on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl.

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